Speaking/Mentoring at Affiliate Summit East 2008

By Ian Fernando

Is everyone ready to go and learn and even network with affiliates alike? I have attended to Affiliate Summit West 2008 for the first time and I have enjoyed myself a lot. This actually sparked me to attend more conventions, just for the networking and learning aspect. Well this year at Affiliate Summit East in Boston I will be speaking with a group of Panelist about "Anatomy of a Great Affiliate Program." You cam see my name here at the list of speakers on the Affiliate Summit site.

This is awesome that I get to talk with a group and an audience about affiliate programs. I want to thank Shawn Collins for the opportunity. I have a call later tonight to discuss about the session as well as an introduction to the other 2 panelist I will be with. But before the call tonight I am going to a local business networking event that is a couple minutes away - will talk about it tomorrow.

So I want to ask you guys what your questions would if you were at Affiliate Summit and what kind of information would you be looking for. Affiliate Summit is a great place to learn and interact with others a like. Since my first time I have networked with so many people and learned from so many. The event is very powerful in ways such as learning and experience. You won't believe the amount of knowledge you will gain. You will also get the occasional CPA networks chasing after you to join their network. Other than that it is a great experience.

So what am I doing differently in preparing for Affiliate Summit? Probably nothing much, I am going to be changing my business card with updated stats. I am going to be preparing for the panel session as well. I will probably answer questions on instinct but would like to be prepared with other complicated questions that may arise. I will probably discuss with the other 2 panels what they have in mind so we all can be on the same page. By the way I am on the panel with 2 other people:

We have been back and forth with our moderator to make sure things are set for Boston. Again, there will be a call later tonight to discuss what we will be talking about and how things will be running. I hope to provide a lot of information to fellow affiliates and beginners.

So I ask again, if there are things you would like to know on the Affiliate Programs post it below so I can answer your questions and share the questions with many others that may ask similar questions at Affiliate Summit.

Young Affiliate Use the Networking Power Within

Other than speaking at a panel with other business minded people about affiliate programs I have also been assigned to be a mentor at Affiliate Summit to first timers at Affiliate Summit. Teresa Caldwell has setup a great system for first timers and I am glad I can help.

Affiliate Summit is starting up a Mentor Program where Affiliate Summit veterans will team up with first timers to help them get the most out of the conference.

I will be helping 2 other affiliates on the benefits of Affiliate Summit and how it can help them in the near future. I will probably stress on the networking a lot because I have gained a huge advantage from attending conventions with networking. I look forward in helping and teaching the 2 new first timers what to expect. We have been back and forth via email and it have a good sense of communication. I hope I can show them a lot of great people that i have met and a lot of new experiences they will encounter.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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