Specialize a Map for Perfection: Think!

By Ian Fernando

I do a lot of blog reading and I came a cross an old article by Steve Pavlina about creating an execution or being organize. Being organized in what you do is a good tactic to apply when wanting to accomplish a goal. For example I want to be free from this BS 9 - 5 job. So I read and study internet marketing, releasing multiple products and sites to accomplish that goal.

When I first started - I read all these things and I just did them all at once. Boy was that a mistake. I figured if I did everything I would be the best at making money online. I was reading people only 'specialize' in one item or criteria; I wanted to do it all. I soon realize that does not work and I began to read more.

From reading and learning all these attributes I then realize you can not just do everything you would need to specialize in a field to become better at it and make it perfect. With perfection comes organization skills and discipline. I then started to just focus on eBay, it is the fastest way to start making money online. From my ebay profits I decided to do some PPC and affiliate marketing, from that I decided to do blogging. Am I an expert in all those fields, no. I am still learning.

I read everyday and so many ideas run through my mind after reading a good post or topic. When I am making a website another idea come in and then another. Multiple ebooks and reports are then made and then marketed. When these ideas come about I just simply write them down in my Outlook and look at it at a later time.

But how do I execute a plan to perfection? Steve Pavlina introduces a great statement on his blog:

First, let’s say you run a business. You set some goals for the next year, and then you map out a plan to achieve those goals. Everything looks good on paper. But then your company tries to execute the strategy over the course of the year, and it flops. But it flops not because the strategy itself was flawed but because the execution of the strategy was bungled. It’s like a football coach calling for a particular play (a play that is the correct call for the given situation), and the players on the field execute that play ineptly — they don’t do what they’re supposed to do. So even though the coach called the right play, the team couldn’t execute it well enough to get the expected result.

To perfection is great but taking in external consequences has to be considered. Steve gave a great example! You have a great idea and then you implement and nothing happens. Can this be a result of something you did not think of? Might it have been an external setting outside of your plan that you are not able to control? Whatever the cause, you did what you did and you thought you have done it correctly, but something changed. Which you can not expect the unexpected because even perfection can be tested by someone not thinking to their limits.

We can expect multiple disasters. When a builder builds they think of the worst situations if it come it comes if it does not great! They think of multiple consequences. During the holiday season I tend to read more about PPC and try to improve my mind about CPC and CPM etc. I have to think and map my mind to all the other experiences I have been through or even past articles I have read.

So this holiday, my purpose is to learn and specialize in CPC campaigns. When I read a blog about PPC CPC etc, I tend to write some notes down or even read through the post over again to make sure I grasp what I need. I also will see what keywords they are using because those keywords can bring me to other blogs that might be more specialize in this specific field.

Stephen Pierce is a great speaker, I have his DVD about Moolah Mapping. He is a great speaker and great marketer, he just captures your attention when he speaks. Here is a small snippet on Mind Mapping with Stephen Pierce:


The above video speaks about Mind Mapping in really good detail and talks about the sub conscious mind and conscious mind connecting to grab those ideas when we think we may have forgotten them.

Mind Mapping is really having a core purpose and have it branch out to ideas and other smaller ideas. For example I will use PPC again:

Purpose: Specialize in PPC Campaigns which would branch out to Adwords > Studying Adwords > Keywords > CPC > CPM > Taking the Adwords Test

This is a very small part but you can have a big purpose with huge branches, which those branches expand to medium size branches and then finally branching out to twigs. Your ideas can run for miles, just keep track of it. I have so many ideas that I write them down in hopes to come to them later on. I am currently working with multiple projects which delays me from doing the other projects, but I have them in my Outlook to remind me of my great ideas!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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