Split Testing, Easily Shift and Control Links

By Ian Fernando

I always talk a lot about rotating offers and split testing designs. It is critical to any marketing campaign. With my current project InfiniteFB.com, I am split testing among different sales page designs.

I need to know which sales page strategy works better. Now the most annoying part is figuring out the stats and numbers and seeing which converts better. The other annoying part is making sure each landing page is getting the right amount of traffic.

I test everything with Prosper202 and I have my own custom rotating scripts to rotate affiliate offers etc. I even posted on this blog several different types of rotating scripts which you can utilize and start testing.

Now, I found a real better system which is similar to bit.ly and does much better with telling you the stats and giving more weight to a better performing offer.

The service I use currently now is Linkshiftr. Imagine using bit.ly to shrink URLs and even provide you with stats and numbers. This system is a full rotation script that you can use for free.

What Linkshiftr does is...

  1. Shrink your URLs
  2. Rotate Multiple URLs with 1 linkshiftr link
  3. Rotate base on performance
  4. See how many impressions each destination links get
  5. EPC of your conversions
  6. Variable Passing
  7. Tells you which link is performing better
  8. ... etc

There is a lot of great feature that I really like about this free service. It has a nice and easy to use interface and they are always upgrading and doing testing to their system.

I have talked to Max extensively about this and gave my insights about some features that would be cool to have and it looks like they are going to be implementing them soon.

As you can see from the screenshot for my InfiniteFB I am split testing among 4 different style sales page. I have given weight to the best performing sales page, which is the stand alone video, and it shows how many conversions I have made so far and the clicks/redirects each page received.

This is tool is great if you are an affiliate marketer, because you want to split test among different offers and see which performs better. I do this currently with my own internal script with prosper202. But Linkshiftr makes it a bit easier to see which one gets the most clicks, conversions, etc.

Everything is in one dashboard which you can control. With other scripts you may just have to do some manual work but it still can be hectic when breaking down the analytical data.

One good aspect with this service is it is free and you can use it right now to split test offers, landing page designs, sales page strategy, etc. Linkshiftr is a service that gives you control of how you rotate your links.

There are great attributes to using a service like shit...

  • test domains
  • test design
  • test sales page strategies
  • test same offers from different networks
  • test multiple offers in the same niche
  • ... the possibilities are endless

Linkshiftr isn't a url shortening service, it is giving you full control of how you want to control your links. I am happy I started using this free tool, as a marketer this tool makes looking at rotation data easier to manage and handle.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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