Squeeze Page Mistakes

By Ian Fernando

This weekend was very busy for me. I kinda did a couple mistakes this weekend on my Viral Profit Machine Report Squeeze Page. First I wanted to sell this report, for $7. Then I checked ClickBank and this products gravity. It was pretty low, but then again it has only been out for a week. So the gravity of the product may be a little higher as time goes by. 

I thought this system would be all over the internet, which it is, but have not reach a high gravity. So then I decided to provide it for free. I had to change a lot of settings, such as email forms and squeeze page layout etc.

I decided to make it into a squeeze page and collect emails for my list. Literally I was thinking in all directions trying to make sure I have done everything I wanted right. Then another mistakes comes up, I have to  update my report with proper links and affiliate system info. I then republish it in forums, to get the word out. After updating my report and uploading it and fixing my squeeze page, I finally posted my fixed VPM report.

I just hope that the fix and my promotions I posted in forums will adjust, continuing to grow my list virally. Whew, I was kinda angered at myself for this error.

Lets recap:

  • Created the report Friday
  • posted it
  • created the sales page.
  • Then after more research realize its not good to sell it.
  • I then had to adjust report wordings
  • adjust affiliate system
  • adjust promotions in forums
  • re create the sales page into a squeeze page
  • made sure my mailing system accommodated these changes.
  • test

Well, I just hope that were the only things I did, and so far it has worked properly. My report has spread and my list is growing. You can view the report here.

After this mess I started to read more about squeeze pages and list building. making sure I have the basis of squeeze pages and building my list. This was a good experience for me, I mean I learned something, RESEARCH! Without research you do everything improper because  you become so hyped that your product will be so popular and on demand. Well this past weekend did not work that way I didn't do the research and I was stuck at redoing work, not good.

Research is key to releasing, promoting, distributing, and proper sales. Without research you end up making mistakes and redoing work just as I did this past weekend. Luckily it didn't take me that long, but that is besides the fact. I messed up.

On this issue, there is a good ebook called "Fail as Fast as you Can", that is funny because this weekend I did just that and I fixed myself as fast as I can as well. You see I realize this mistake and I will now make sure I do my research instead of getting caught in the hype my mind is providing to me, as we know emotions are strong. I was compelled and so positive that I was going to do great and get a good return on my report. After looking at certain factors, it didn't seem to add up, my emotions conflicted my goal.  You see, I think you need to learn about 'failure' and what to avoid, before you can be successful. Does that make sense? Again, there is no such thing as overnight success. You need to live and learn your mistakes. It is amazing how 'gurus' say you can make money overnight, which you can't! Again, there is no such thing as an overnight success.

Failing and learning your mistakes is the essence of learning anything correct? It is the only way we learn. Well, I posted my mistakes on here so you know what to do now.

Well my goal this week is to learn more about list building and squeeze page tactics. I want to see if I can put a creative twist on these aspects and get a better technique going. I have previously skim these topics as I thought to myself as these are the simplest things with internet marketing, which I think now is hard.

Creating the report, making the mistake, and research made my report pretty successful. You can also view a posting posted in IMNewsWatch.com.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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