Starting a Blog? Go Pack for Vacation First

By Ian Fernando

Starting my vacation I had to pack and get ready for my flight to Panama City. I was staying at Panama for 7 days. So I packed comfortably for my vacation. This sounds familiar, starting a blog or vacation needs preparation.

Where did I want to go when I decided to go on vacation? What do you want to blog about? Did I have all the necessary items before boarding my flight? Do you have all the necessary resources to start blogging?

I use this analogy because I was sitting at the airport and I was thinking about what could I post when I return. Then I thought of my flight and vacation and used this analogy to help bloggers think if they should do blogging.

Before you start to blog you want to have everything ready and prepared. You want to have the proper tools and time, most important patience. It took me 2 days to think about what I needed to get ready for my flight and overall vacation. I have packed my necessities and my necessary clothing for the specific country I was going to.

With blogging, it is the same thing you need to have a checklist of resources that you will need in the future for blogging and overall performance.

  • What will I blog about
  • What does this niche/topic consists of
  • Will I like this topic
  • Can I always talk about this topic

These are general questions, similar if you are going on vacation.

  • Where do I want to go
  • What is the environment like
  • Will I enjoy myself there
  • Will I be able to speak of my vacation in the future

There are very similar. When you start and board on the blogging plane make sure you love what you like. I talk about Internet Marketing because I enjoy the challenge and I can talk about it all the time. I do not call my self an expert since I speak of my flight to success.

Blogging is all about what you like and what you can handle in the future. Taking a vacation means enjoying your time off and speaking about it in the near future.

Making sure you have a checklist of items before you leave your current country or area is the same thing when starting a blog. Be ready and be prepared. What do you need when you start a blog? This is what I think you will need to prepare yourself when starting your very fisrt blog:

  1. Time (part/full)
  2. Topic/niche – that you enjoy
  3. Resources
  4. Patience

I feel these are the necessary items that are needed when you first start blogging. Make sure you are able to have the following prepared, without time you cannot blog. With out a topic you cannot be consistent. With out resources, you are unable to perform. Without patience you will fail. Having a simple checklist can help you with any task; it is all about being organize and fulfilling a request or task you have committed to.

Blogging is fun and entertaining! Even when I was sitting here waiting for my flight I keep on thinking of ideas to write about for my blog. I enjoy blogging and writing, even thought I may not be the best writer – I am consistent.

These 4 simple steps before starting to blog can mean your consistency down the line and future. How often you will dedicate yourself to your blog. How often will you update? How often will you think of a topic? Once you dedicate your time to your blog and start to earn from your specific topic you can go on vacation all the time. 🙂

This post was written while I was at the airport, while I was waiting to board myflight.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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