Stay Board: Keeping a Reminder Close By

By Ian Fernando

This past weekend I finally got around hanging my bulletin boards and my white board. I love my boards because it helps me stay much more organize than trying to write it down on a piece of paper, which I may lost later in the day. I am at my computer most of the day and a lot of ideas come to my head from just thinking out loud, writing a post, or reading other blogs/websites. I just simply spin my chair around and write it on my white board.

If I am watching a video, I usually have my notepad out and start jotting down notes. After I am done with the video I take my notes and pin it up against the bulletin board. I will even print informative articles and pin it up as well. Flight tickets or passes to conventions I pin up on my bulletin board, it serves a constant reminder to me. I can check and take the ideas and start to generate off it.

These boards help me stay organize, no matter how messy the board is I can find what I need. Let's break it down:

White Board/Dry Erase Board

A white board is, I think is important, necessary to write things down quickly. It is your idea board and it should have all your ideas that come to your head on a daily basis. It can even have test stats on there, since a white board is erasable. Anything that can be written and erased on a daily basis should be written on a white board. It is there to remind you of daily occurrences that may change on a daily basis.

I use my white board to write down quick stats or ideas that flow through my head. The next day I look at my board and see what I should work on and see what I wrote the next day to start working on. My whiteboard is my guide to my ideas, reality or not.

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Bulletin Board

A bulletin board is there to track down your futuristic goals or usage tools. You pin up references and confirmed passes. A bulletin board can be used in similarity to a white board except you cannot write on it and erase text. The bulletin board can be used to pin up your first affiliate check or your future house, giving you a consistent reminder of your goals.

I personally use my bulletin board for pining up references and notes. I pin up airline tickets and convention passes. I have pictures of my future cars and houses. I write down a daily earnings goal and pin it up. I have 2 bulletin boards and I use them a lot to reference a lot of aspects of marketing. I have a PPC reference chart on my bulletin board, just in case I need a good headline or forgot what Adwords is.

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Staying Organize by Using Boards

I like using my bulletin boards and white board. It keeps me thinking and helps remind me of future events or task I need to do. It helps me think about my goals and helps me keep more focus on my goals. Each board has its own purposes and reason to why I use it. I try not to jumble everything into one board because it becomes too cluttered; each has a purpose and carries information needed for me to stay focus and goal orientated.

Staying organizes and having a reminder of your stats or goals is crucial to staying up to beat with your competition or your personal goals in life.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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