Stop Being a Failure and Start Failing!

By Ian Fernando

At there are numerous videos of Joel teaching seminars of how to use Adsense. I logged in earlier today and I saw a great video about failure. The internet right now is so saturated in things that users just do on the side, for fun, and especially to make money.

When beginners or noobs try to make money online they just jump right into it without further learning. Well the video I am about to show you is straight to the point. It shows top reason why first time entrepreneurs tend to fail. Without failure that means you have reached the end of success. Everyone would be successful, there would be no competition.

Failure is Part of Success. You hear gurus tell their stories about making multiple mistakes, doing case studies, and split testing. IF they do not do these they will not know where to start, you simply just can't jump into college and come out the next day with out a degree. It is all about dedication and making simple mistakes.

But failing at what you want to achieve goes beyond not reaching your goals, not investing, not participating. There are 2 types of failures, good vs. bad. Good failures become learning experiences while bad failures are just you giving up. Listen to Joel Comm and I myself will breakdown what he has spoken about in my words.


Unreasonable Expectations

I think this is different in a way because setting unreasonable goals will just make you work hard with no results. Expect to make mistakes, to not see visitors, to not earn in a day, etc. When I first started I never set up a goal I just did everything and put up affiliate links and hope for some traffic and purchases. I then realize I needed to create a goal. I created a simple goal, make one sale and work from there. Once I accomplished that I repeated what I did but gave myself a bigger goal to achieve but a reasonable goal.

A lot of users read how simple it is to make money online, but it isn't. Just because you put an adsense, affiliate link, or create a website does not mean you will make money. There is work involved and that is reality. A lot expect to just sit back and do nothing while others are working and earning. A new entrepreneurs expectations needs to be a reality check.

Give Up to Easily

When beginners first start - they tend to loose focus. I admit this has happened to me at one point. When they loose focus they loose the goal and when the goal is lost they simply just give up. But why are you giving up? Don't you have a goal, be job free maybe? Users tend to simply say to themselves this does not work, this is a scam. Ask yourself what have you done? Was it minimal work or do you use all your resources available?

With Adsense users think they can throw a website and never update their web page, hoping to get clicks. A lot of beginners do this, hearing "it's so easy to earn with adsense." When they do not see any pennies rolling in to their account they just quit. If there is no reward why do the work, right? First of all what did you do besides put the adsense code? You will need to do some work, more research, ask for help, etc Most important create a realistic goal and be persistent.

Don't Work the Program

There are multiple ways to be job free and make money, but are you joining and attending the right programs? By this I mean seminars, webinars, coaching classes, etc. You want to "be with the program." Attending these classes or programs gives you a more view on the idea. Attending numerous ideas and concepts can get your mind growing and rolling. If you do not attend or participate you are only stuck to your small world or vision.

Forums are a great way to gather in more ideas and work the program. Join forums that are of interest to you, learn and participate. Provide users your views and your thoughts while receiving some in return.

Not Investing in the Business

Investing in your business is important, you need tools and resources. There is only one of you and 24 hours in a day. What if you can easily recreate yourself and split the work and tasks? Well you can but it involves investing in it. I tend to buy scripts, programs, freelance work, etc to help ease my workload. I just do not buy into anything I research my investment making sure I feel that it will be very beneficial in the short and long term.

When you first start out you really do not need money to start your own online business. You can work part time until you start seeing the income that you can use to start investing. This is what I did, I worked diligently and earned the income I needed to further better my blogging internet business. Investing can lead to more profitable and popular blogs/websites. You need to learn to treat your internet business as a business.

The popular saying "You need Money to Make Money." This can be arguable both ways. Its real simple to start off with no money and boost yourself to be pretty popular on the internet and even have some income. Once you have that earnings you might want to think about using it to invest in better help, better tools and resources. So it can work both ways.

No Continuing Education

Stop being a failure and start failing! You simply need to learn from your mistakes. As I have stated earlier you need to make mistakes to better improve your business. Continue to learn from newbies and gurus. Newbie's always have great ideas and perception while gurus have the expertise on how to's. I suggest learning from all of your audience that find interest in your business.

Continuing your education on making money online is essence since it is always changing; multiple ideas and strategies are talk about all over the internet. Remember without learning you are stuck in one place. Read other blogs, read popular books, entrepreneur magazines, etc. With your learning experience you will tend to make a mistake or two or even find a way to improve it. These are great opportunities to show who you are and how you accomplish your goals. Think Creatively!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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