Stressed Out on Where 2010 Will Take Me...

By Ian Fernando

Yea it has been a while since I posted. So I decided to give a little update on what I have been doing and thinking about. Lately I been trying to think where I want to be in 2010... what I want t accomplish. Even more I been reading Finch's blog, he posted 2 great posts about the industry and life itself.

It really brought perspective to what I am doing because I can relate to it all and if you read the post all the young affiliates can also relate to it as well. I definitely want to grow and expand my business. I personally have been getting bombarded this month by multiple affiliate networks, JV requests, and bookkeeping. I even think a network signed me up without me knowing because I started getting emails from the network.

So what have I been doing in the past week?

So I have done a couple changes in my daily life or routine. Every morning I use to wake up, turn on my pc, make coffee, check email, check stats, start monetizing older LPs or minisite, create or research new niches, etc. It has gotten to me where I do not even want to look at it anymore. It has been repetitive.

So I have decided to switch things up... so my day is divided my tasks or day so my day can be semi different.

  • To start off I have been of my instant messenger and skype because I am getting too many IMs from people asking for advice, networks looking for traffic, advertisers who wants more volume, etc. It just distracts me from everything and I just forgot what I was doing, especially if I have ADOLAS.
  • I have started back on working out with the P90X system and that work out is killer. So every morning I wake up pretty early and start the workout. I was going to start a blog about it but I have decided I do not have time to do it or keep up with it. But I may rethink that since I ca probably update it once a week with progress.
  • I have also decided to get back into dancing. I use to choreograph when I was in college and I decided to join a hip hop dance class at night, which is twice a week. This should be good to maintain my workout and then to split my workout in the morning, my work day in the afternoon, and then dance at the end of the day. By then my mind should be clear and calm.
  • I also decided to get into local advertising in my area. Ad Hustler has some great content on local advertising and he has given me some great advice in the past. Also while at Affiliate Summit I spoke some big affiliates that were doing local advertising as well for local company's. So I think that will be a big step and change for me. I had one local company which I did their advertising for and it didn't work out well, but I didn't do my own research.

This month also consisted of a lot of catching up on last months spending and bookkeeping. Since last year I had 2 partners and several outsourced users, I had to make sure i got the proper paper work to file for taxes and all that good stuff. Luckily my friend is a CPA Consultant and my dad use to be a major accountant back in the day. So I got their help.

I also decided to get rid of some sites, I have posted one of my products on Flippa, which I do not want to deal with anymore. I have sold 2 sites on there so far, so I am looking to utilize Flippa more with my old minisites.

So I think 2010 for me will be a change in my business. I have already started to get an assistant and I have been talking to the colleges in NJ to see if I can get access to their staffing board, this way I can get access to interns and local users.

Definitely I have been stressed this month and I need to get back to focusing. I have even been erasing my 2010 goal whiteboard and adjusting it to my needs. So I just need to focus like a ford whip...

I will also post up some good content in the next couple days.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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