Strong Relationship with NDemand Affiliates

By Ian Fernando

Mid this year I spoke in Oklahoma at the Affiliate Meetup, one of the sponsors was NDemand Affiliates. Mike Pacheco runs NDemand and definitely knows how to have fun. While I was there I was treated with great hospitality and I had a crazy night of fun. Beside just having a great time with Mike where ever he goes, his network and respect for affiliates is more than 'extra'.

NDemand was also at this past Affiliate Summit East in NY, they had a booth and they gave away shot glasses. Besides Mike being a great companion and friend. His network and his employees are one that as I stated respects affiliates. I never get annoyed when talking to Mike and he always has an open invitation to me and some of his affiliates to any exclusive events they have.

The network focuses on biz opps,continuity health offers, edus (popular always), and other offers which almost any network have. The one thing that separates NDemand is the fact they listen to their affiliates. If an offer is needed or if a publisher wants an offer custom made for them, they try to get the offer. Another aspect is the fact they can create custom landing pages for the offer.

I say this is unique because you can have control of how your landing page for the offer can look like, making it unique specifically for you and separating yourself from every other offer out there. Being different is usually the best thing to be profitable!

Their network uses LinkTrust as their tracking platform. So their tracking is on point and I never had any issues in the past with LinkTrust tracking. Within the tracking platform I can see they have about 209 offers, but again NDemand can go out and get the offer you want and make that exclusive to you. Having the ability to create landing pages base on the rebill offer always goes in your favor, plus you get to test which landing page works for you.

Their reporting is base off daily breakouts, campaign, subid reporting and creative breakouts. These are the traditional reporting found within LinkTrust. Besides the traditional network aspects and offers, NDemand has a lot to offer from a relationship standpoint. I have hung out with Mike several times in the past and I definitely enjoy his company. The fact he can have a conversation that does not always related to my traffic, what I run, or what network I work with.

Relationship is always a crucial part between publisher and network. In the past I have bought gifts for my affiliate managers because they made me money or I respected them as a person and not a network. Mike takes cares of his publisher making sure they have what they need to be profitable.

~~> Check out NDemand Affiliates and Tell Mike I sent Ya Over!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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