Stuck in a Bidding War with MediaTraffic?

By Ian Fernando

With the rise of PPV traffic, we end up going into a battle with trying to over bid people. It has happened with all the search traffic and it will continue to grow in any traffic source that becomes popular. Since Media Traffic is a popular traffic source for starters and veterans users. The bidding wars has started and sometimes you have to match or overbid a couple times a day.

Now that PPV is getting more and more popular, more PPV traffic networks are rising and Direct CPV is a popular one who is growing rapidly. SO fast they want to continue the growth by starting a contest! This contest has a lot of great prizes, ranging form a trip to Vegas to a Cadillac Escalade!

It is a fairly easy to enter this contest as well and use their new ppv traffic source. Before we get into the contest details, I want to give you some information about Direct CPV...

DirectCPV is a PPV network, similar to MediaTraffic they have a cleaner interface (I think) and easier navigation. There are specific menus and links for what type of target you are targeting. One of the better things that DirectCPV has is quick customer support. While I have 2 directs at MediaTraffic, it was hard to get to them when I needed when I first started.

DirectCPV is quick to your response even on the weekends!

One of the better benefits for users starting in PPV is the fact DirectCPV only requires just a $100 deposit where MediaTraffic requires a $200 minimal deposit. So this can help some users who are starting in the PPV world.

Contest Information

  • Starts February 1st to February 28th
  • $20 bonus is added to the already regular 5% referral commission earned monthly
  • Rewards are rewarded in the advertisers account balance.
  • Referrals can not be family

This is a very quick and simple contest. But I wouldn't really just sign up with DirectCPV to sign up more people, but I would run traffic with them. They have a $100 deposit, and if you use promo code BC25N you will receive a $25 bonus to your advertisers account. So this is giving you more money to advertise, since traffic on DirectCPV is cheaper you get more traffic for your money!

With the growth of PPV users in the affiliate space, you end up with a bidding war with new users and veterans who want to just cancel you out. But you always have to be on the search for new traffic sources, if you do not test new traffic then you will not be able to find that hidden gem.

PPV use to be a hidden gem, I did PPV last year before everyone started to get into it heavy and how other marketers are exploiting it. So it is time to use a new traffi source with not much competition and has low cost for your spend. DirectCPV is coming up rapidly and the first users to use DirectCPV will benefit.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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