Suck At Your Job, So You Can Be Replaced!

By Ian Fernando

If you have read my about page or about me section you know I still have a job. I work in the telecom industries routing calls and inputting data. I have a big responsibility on my shoulders, making sure the company I work for saves money but have a great call quality for our customers. The problem with my job I just have become so good at what I do, my team members are unable to find a replacement.

We know that when you are put in a role and you surpass your expectations and your managers you set a new limit to whom ever tries to enter the group, well this has become so true in my situation. As you know I am trying to leave my job and start my own internet business, I have already registered another domain for my official brand and 'company'. I have mentioned multiple times to my manager I am soon to be leaving and I can be gone any minute and anytime. I literally do not enjoy what I do, I use to enjoy what I did because it was a challenge to me, I was in a new environment which I did not know anything and now I know a lot more than I did when I first started.

Let's talk about my job experience:

I started in this telecom business 3 years ago as a customer call representative, answer calls for those annoying people who wants credit for not using their phone for the last 5 hours. After surpassing expectations I was doing reporting for more important people such as supervisors, directors, VPs, and CEO at one time. After surpassing those expectations I was on a see-saw basis where departments would battle for my 'expertise'. Three departments wanted me on their team per say, Customer Care to manage a new ticketing system, training and development to help with new hires, and operations to help with data.

Well I chose operations because it sounded cool and it was something new, a new challenge for me. So I took the position and I literally was at my desk job till 7 or 8 in the evening doing the work because of my poor knowledge in the field and the work and labor I had. After a good understanding of what was being done I created several systematic ways to make my life simpler and easier, the job became boring.

Ofcourse my team does not fully know what I do because why would I want to tell them I can complete a days work in a mere 4 hours? Soon some team members questioned my 'expertise' and found my work were automated - to an extent. Once they knew some of my work were automated, I set a new standard for the team I was in. Now that I realize what I done, it sucks because it will be hard to find a replacement.

As I stated I went ahead and explained to my manager that I want to be jobless soon, then I get the lecture of why a job is so important - closed my ears and I smile and nod. I insisted that they should be actively looking for a replacement for me. With the warnings set and explanation of my future goals, my team is in the process of finding a 'replacement' for me.

2121267702_2668ce884d_o The problem when finding a replacement is since I set a new standard for my team, which makes it hard on their part to find a good solid replacement. The reason behind this is you have created great tools that the team never had before and now you want to bring in someone that is just 'someone' to do the work. A company wants to find someone that is equal or better than you, in my situation equal or better than me. They do not want someone that can learn my tools, they want someone that can modify or even make it better.

Now my team is offering me incentives and providing me stocks just out of the pocket. Even the VP of our whole operations team spoke to me on advancing and giving me more tasks to do, helping me expand. The problem is if I am given information and I know how things work and what needs to be done, I might be able to surpass that specific job as well. I have been at this current company for over a little 3 years and each time I have been 'upgraded' I have surpass the need and I am then expanded elsewhere.

So the reason for this post and ramble is because if you want to leave your desk job, make sure you suck at it so you can reach your goal of replacing your check. My team has incentively increased my check several times because of specific situations that has happened and recognitions. This sucks for me because my goal is to replace my check, I can't do that if this hell hole keeps giving me stocks and increases.

Now some of you are wondering why I am bitchin about my new salary, thinking I should be happy - does money really make you happy or doing what you like make you a better person and creates happiness?

I try to keep the standards to a minimal, currently at the level my team and organization wants it to be - because I set the scale for anyone that comes into our group. I do not want to over pass this scale because it will be even harder to find - as my manager says "a person like you." So if you want to leave and you know you are good at it - make sure you stop what you are doing and just begin to suck at it. =P

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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