Super Support at ClickBooth

By Ian Fernando

After Affiliate Summit there are a ton of networks that want to work with you. Prior to ASE though I have signed up to Clickbooth's network. I was approach by Eric about the network and I told him my past issues with the network and how I applied 2 times and never got accepted. So taking one of my friends advice and a promise of a senior strategist, I joined.

It has been several weeks and I can say the support I personally get is great. The communication as well is amazing. Eric is a social media expert at Clickbooth and have written a guest post on this blog before. The post got a good response to it as well.

Brittany is my AM or Strategists they call themselves. So far she has provided me with a lot of respect and understand what I need, especially since they use Direct Track. Also another great part is I get instant access to some offers that I can't get or won't even be public to other publisher. While they are not exclusives, they do hold some offers for review before releasing it to the network.


While Clickbooth has been getting a lot of recognition, they are one of the top fastest growing companies and were recognized for it. According to Inc Magazine, they are ranked #5 in the nation! Now that is amazing. Being a CPA network company it can be hard to get such recognition from other top companies. Congrats to them

Now, while they are growing quite rapidly they have done a lot of things within their network. The other day I noticed their interface has changed. As you know there is a pretty default interface for Direct Track networks, well it seems Clickbooth manage to get around it and create a really nice interface with your stats ready to be viewed.

It is a very clean interface as you can see below.


As well with this recent change they have also upgraded their search functionality. You just type in the first letter of the offer you are looking for and it wil auto filter the drop down box for you. Now that is amazing. Eric has informed me that there are more changed coming soon and I can not wait, as so far everything is looking amazing.

Now with the amazing interface and great communication, what about the offers? They do have a lot of offers. The reason why I joined them when I first started affiliate marketing is to get access to the most offers possible. Well that didn't work well, but now I am part of their network and they do have a lot of offers.

Brittany has helped me get access and she has recommended what works and what doesn't base on my traffic. She is also working with me about some Direct Track issues. Very responsive and helping me get things situated. She has a great attitude online and off. Clickbooth has definitely leveraged themselves out of the traditional direct track networks, as well as keeping in communication with their publishers.

So working with them has been fun and entertaining. Take a look at their network and see for yourself!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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