Sweepstake Offers are the Simplest Way to Break into Affiliate Marketing - What Are They and How to Execute

By Ian Fernando

Affiliates all over the world have been known to take advantage of the profitability of sweepstakes for a while. Competition in the field has made it difficult to make money as an affiliate marketer. 

However, I have gathered some personal experience tips on how to run a successful sweepstakes campaign.

Sweepstakes are being used by both newbies and veteran specialists. They are beneficial to both groups, and everyone will be able to get offers that work for them. As long as you make a profit when you’re good, of course. I also think it is the easiest of the offers to make profitable.

Affiliates definitely agree that sweepstakes vertical is an easy way of profiting.

Now, there are funnels that don’t require much effort; just fil the fields, leave and Email, and get conversions. However, things aren’t always that simple

There are 4 types of offers: 

  • SOI (Single Opt In) and DOI (Double Opt In) – You leave your Email, but it needs to be confirmed as well
  • CC-submit (Credit card submit) – You will need to leave your credit card, and a small amount will be taken from it.
  • Pin Submit  – Conversion will be charged when a user sends a paid SMS or subscribes in some other way
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response) – Data confirmation here requires a call and a confirmation of your personal website pin code.

I will show you some offers from Anstrex Push Spy Tool. It is one of the best ad spy tools I definitely recommend.

SOI and DOI offers will definitely seem simple to get conversions. Advertisers in developed countries just pay for clients’ private data, and that’s it. However, profits with these in developing countries aren’t so high.

Despite GEO, these offers have the lowest vertical payouts. The simpler the action, the lower the payout on its conversion. It is all about the volume and the price of the clicks, you will see affiliates promote traffic via Pop and Push.

These submit offers can range from single field to full fields. Meaning a single email is needed for a conversion or a combination of email, name and phone number.

CC Submit Sweeps are popular everywhere, but getting conversions are complicated. The funnel is also more difficult here; apart from questionnaires, the consumer will need credit card data, where the end-user gets charged.

You could get up to $40 on these offers, especially in tier 1 countries (USA, UK, Australia), despite the high traffic competition. 

CC-submit is relatively new in tier 2 and 3 countries. Users here know little about these offers, so you will need to inform someone about the vertical and how profit is made. Also, highlight the safety of the lottery.

IVR offers are quite rare, but they still get conversions nonetheless. Here, your success depends on talk time. You need to maintain discussions for about 3 minutes to convert, and most people find this a bit long. Some of these IVRs are also based on set hours.

All in all, the harder you work in these offers determines the connection quality in different GEOs. You need to ensure that telephone networks perform well, the presence of 24/7 support, the answer waiting time, the connection quality. 

Pin Submit is also rather important to sweepstakes vertical. They have funnels with prize lotteries and can be attributed to mobile subscription spheres. 

How to promote sweepstakes: The secrets of converting creatives

Every campaign requires hard work on choosing and testing creative variants. However, launching on any traffic source means that you can add up to 10 creatives in a campaign and doing proper split testing.

Where to find ideas for creatives?

Spy tools aren’t bad, but you need a great approach. If you want to make a new creative, some ad networks can do that free of charge. Just ask your account manager for the details.

Also, take every fresh perspective you find and rework it. Make some changes, and ensure that your creative looks different. Here are some quick samples from Anstrex spy tool for Push.

Utilizing congratulation winner thought in the ad copy helps with these ads. Allowing the user to think they have gotten something for free or have 'won' something.

Push traffic sources actually do their part to stop methods that have been established for sweepstakes promos. Also, the use of celebrities and shocking headlines is forbidden as well. I personally have been able to make this work without celebrities.

Local Languages Importance

It is important that you translate your landing page into those of the countries you’re targeting. These help conversion, of course. It is pointless to promote something in English to a Portuguese speaking country.

Also, remember that not all European countries are fluent in English. In France, for instance, using English isn’t recommended. 

It is even worse in countries with state languages. Switzerland citizens speak German, French, and Italian as well. So, entering this market using English might not be so profitable. 

Pre Landers Necessary?

Some affiliates also recommend using a pre-lander. However, I have run sweeps without a lander but I definitely recommend to use a pre lander when it comes to sweeps.

However, note that pre-landing pages are important in tier 2 and 3 countries. In tier 1 countries, these pages can help as well, especially with convincing users of profitability.

With Anstrex it will show you the popular landing pages that are being used, here are some from Anstrex.

Last Key is Relationship

You will also need to build a great relationship with your manager. Going over the details of your campaign before launching will save you time and money as well, so make sure to pay attention to metrics such as sources, targeting, an offer and its competitiveness, the number of new subscribers, and more.

Your affiliate manager will help you with what you need to gt setup especially with trying to find the right offers that everyone is running on their network. You also want to try to get some targeting but Anstrex can also give you that information.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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