Syncing Google Calendar to be More Productive

By Ian Fernando

Affiliate Summit East: Boston is right around the corner and I wanted to prep for this event. Usually I would be all prepared but I just got an iPhone and I would like it to be synced with everything I need. So I needed to make sure my emails and calendars were all properly synced. My mail is always synced since I IMAP all my email programs, but my calendar was a different story. I usually have my calendar in a central location, my house desk! I just realize I needed to get it on the internet and have it more centralized. Thank you Google!

I have sometimes used Google Calendar to help me with things I needed to get from 1 PC to another. Having this access online is amazing, boy do I love the internet. I can have my appointments or to do list in one location and access it anywhere in the world. So I wanted to go ahead and sync up my Thunderbird with my Google Calendar and then sync up my iPhone. I will show you how to sync up your ThunderBird with Lighting and Google Calendar.

First things you will need are the basics:

  1. Thunderbird -> Mozilla eMail App | Far Better than Outlook (IMO)
  2. Lighting -> Add On Calendar for Thunderbird
  3. Google Provider -> Bilateral Access with Mozilla Services and Google

These are the basics that you will need in order to get this working properly. Once you have downloaded the following make sure you install the add ons which are Lighting and Google Provider. To do this simply go to your Thunderbird and choose Tools -> Add Ons. Or if it didn't install automatically simply right click on the XMPI file that you downloaded and chose open with Thunderbird (first make sure Thunderbird is close). This will re-open Thunderbird and install your plugins.


The video above goes through the majority of the steps. If you missed it or if the video was too fast here they are pretty simple and straight forward.

  1. Log into Google Calendar
  2. Click on Settings then on Calendar
  3. Chose the Calendar you want to Sync up your Appointments (you may have one so just chose that one)
  4. At the bottom you will see 6 RSS looking buttons
  5. Right Click the XML under Private Address
  6. Go back to Thunderdird and Click on New -> Calendar
  7. Chose On the Network
  8. Paste the URL into the field
  9. Give it a Name and Chose a color if you want
  10. A screen will appear for you to Log in and verify your Google account
  11. Done

I find this very helpful as it serves a purpose in life. To be more organize we need to have everything at our fingertips. Having my appointments or scheduled tasks in one centralized location really helps a lot. I can access my things from my laptop, my desktop, my iPhone, across the seas, anywhere I go. This helps you stay on point with everything you need to do. We live on the internet, before we would email ourselves the schedules or better yet we would write it down and just carry it with us knowing it would be lost later on.

Be more productive and make sure everything you have can be access locally on your server or from a service you are paying for. This makes a busy life not seemed so busy at all.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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