T3Leads: Using the Power of IFraming

By Ian Fernando

There are a lot of new and upcoming affiliate networks. Some better than other and other way sucky than others. I just came across a new affiliate network that I have been reading on the net for a while. This networks specifically concentrate on financial offers and on a per lead. They are also fairly popular with Payday Loans but within the US only.

Introducing t3leads, a networked focused on financial relief offers.There are multiple parts of this network which I will discuss below. There is also one great feature which I have not seen on any other network, I think this is a very powerful feature they have. But lets get to the network and how the offers, payouts, features, and all that good stuff. I will be breaking it down and just giving you the basics of the network as I want to go into a feature that is powerful within the network.


  • Offers
    There is very limited offers within the network. The reason for this is because they specialize and strictly work on financial offers. They have public and private websites, best part you do not have to apply for the public - your affiliate links are auto generated and ready for you to promote. They also have banners available but are not really properly organized, they are how ever categorized but not by size but by offer type (debt, payday loans, etc)
  • Interface
    The interface is pretty basic. It does get confusing when you first log in because you are greeted with a news section in which you do not even know its purpose. There are some news that are not even in English. Kinda of strange since the offers are for only US traffic. The top header are all your normal links: info, website, promo, bonuses, statistics, settings, and exit. Each of the main links has sub links as well.
  • Reporting
    This isn't their most powerful reporting but it has the necessities. It is fairly basic and provides you the information you need. It provides you with the amount of clicks, unique, conversions, etc. Fairly basic but it provides you the information needed.
  • Getting Paid
    There are multiple ways you can get paid. You can get paid either by a company check, wire transfer, webmoney.ru, fethard.ru, and paypal. There is a minimum payment of $300 for a company check, and wire transfer. All other payment methods only require to have a $100 minimum payment. Very straight forward and pretty simple.

IFrame: the Best Feature of T3Leads

Now, I found a bigger aspect of this network which is a very powerful benefit of their network. I have not seen this readily available from other networks, sometimes I would ask if an offer does have such a feature. T3Leads use pre defined forms which is incorporated in an iframe! Now I really like this because I can customize landing pages the way I want with the forms already built in with my affiliate id. This is neat. Not a lot of networks or very rarely will a network have an iframe ready for you to use associated with an offer.

If you do not know how to iframe an offer, then you need to read up on it. But not a lot of affiliates know how to iframe or even ask their affiliate manager if an offer has a iframe form submission. T3leads provides you a simple form and it is practically universal, you just need to change the category. The iframe code they provide is very customizable and even easy to use. You are provided with the code below:

<iframe frameborder="0" id="myiframe" style="border: 0px solid #000000;" scrolling="auto" width="500" height="850" src="http://quote-advisor.com/iframe?i_type=debt_s&affid=XXXX&subacc=X&i_width_table=100%"></iframe>

The i_type= is the offer type and they provide you with a list of categories. When yu insert this in a custom landing page, you are provided with a form in which the end user fills out. It is very interesting that you can create your own website or even landing page with their auto generated form. I have tested their iframe and found it to be very simple and easy to use. As stated, the iframe is highly customizable: height, width, offer type, colors: (button, background, text, etc), and many more.

The generated web form does not even have their logo on the auto generated form. It even has the Mcafee logo which promotes a trust worthy site! Having this feature at hand can definitely earn you a lot more money than standard financial affiliate networks just because you can customize your LP with the form. Very Powerful!

The reason why I think this is one of the better features T3Leads have among the networks is because it is readily available to you. It is also easy. I can create a custom landing page around the designated iframe to pertain to the offer. So for example if the offer from T3Leads is a mortgage loan application, I can create a landing page to my own liking and incorporate the pre generated form. I can even create a website with information and when a user is ready to fill out a form, the iframe form is there matching the look and style of my website.

This feature alone I think is very valuable, there are not a lot of networks that does not have an iframe form for specific offers. Sometimes affiliates even try to designate an iframe to just the form of an offer so they can just create their own custom LP, t3leads fixes that problem. It gives affiliates power to create and customize an offer LP to their liking! Visit T3Leads today, and check out their iframe feature.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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