Tactical Forum Marketing eBook Released

By Ian Fernando

It is about time that I finally got my ebook cover design done, thanks to my graphic designer. As you can see my ebook is called Tactical Forum Marketing, its a great way of using the forums to get traffic to all your sites by simply just adding in 1 signature and letting that 1 signature do all the work! I personally have it working for myself and I do earn income from it as well. The tactic is the signature link itself.

It provides the necessary tools to send traffic to your desired websites or affiliates landing page with no hassle from the moderators or other members. Members might be even thanking you!

Well you can visit the sales page here: Tactical Forum Marketing.

Remember I  was also going to let you earn from this ebook as well? Well this is your chance, if you have paypal, you can market this ebook! Its simple, base on Jonathan Leger's $7 Secrets, all you have to do is add your paypal email address right after this link like so: http://www.theianternet.com/tacticalforum/?e=[PAYPAL] , just add your paypal email address. Remember I am giving this to you at 100% commission rate!

Well that is it on the eBook, like I stated above to learn more you visit the landing page. Since we are on the topic of affiliates, I have actually turned my website, IanFernando.com into a affiliate system. Yes that is right my Blog has an Affiliate Program.

Since I was promoting VPM or Viral Profit Machine, I wanted to see if it was a scam or not. Will it work, does it work, etc. Well I decided to buy it and test it out. I bought it yesterday and configured everything yesterday, it is actually implemented on this website right now! Read More Here

After doing the reading and watching some video tutorials the concept is very simple, its base on a random generator. Now I do not actually share 50% of my commission with you. The concept is basically randomly choosing the owner (me) and the affiliate (you) on a 50% basis, you can actually set your commission base to what ever you want. Since my blog is new and I am getting pretty good traffic for a blog that is going to hit a month tomorrow!

Another feature about VPM that I like is you can set the dates of how the cookies are stored on the users PC. I set mine for 1 year because again my site is hitting a month tomorrow and I would like users to earn their commission from the traffic they are sending me, gain 50%.

Don't worry I will be writing my own review about VPM soon, after about 1 week of testing. 

I am letting affiliates join for a 50% commission and receiving the commissions for 1 full year. Soon I will be changing the setting to 90 days and 75% commission. So I advise if you are promoting my blog, I suggest joining and promoting my blog as an affiliate link. All the promotional links on this website has been adjusted to the promo links which VPM converted for me. Every clickbank promos I promote and affiliate system I promote on my blog you get 50% commission.

Its a good thing my blog is just under a month, there was not that much promos going on my blog, but there are affiliate links on my site, clickbank and $7 Offers. So right now I am currently testing Viral Profit Machine

I will be actually creating a report on this as well, I want to see HOW viral it really is. So keep up with my blog and subscribe below via feed email or subscribe to my RSS.

Well, lets talk about what my project will be and my plans with Viral Profit Machin. I will be creating an ebook about VPM and seeing if it does work! I have taking the risk of converting theIanternet.com into a VPM affiliate site system. Since my idea that I have will actually work with my new idea that came to me in my sleep, wierd right?

My testing will only be tested on my blog, just because I want to see how viral it really is. I use Google Analytics, to see my daily stats. So I have taken a snapshot of my current traffic and after a week I want to see if it will double or not.

Now this would be perfect if my blog has gathered a good amount of users to my mailing list. Since I currently do not have that big of a list, and I do not want to promote to my other list since they are a specific niche.

But lets see if providing 50% commission to user will see if they will promote my blog! Remember all affiliate links (clickbank, $7 offers, paydotcom) are all converted to the promo link by Viral Profit Machine, lets find out if its really Viral!

Stay Tuned for More!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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