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Hi, I’m Ian Fernando. I make money online with affiliate marketing and being an Amazon seller.

The internet has way too much opportunity and it’s prime for you to get started.

Let me save you time and money by preventing you from making common mistakes.

Read the blog and find out the way I create revenue.

Moving from a SEO/Free traffic mindset to paid was scary. Now, I am sending traffic to my blog to affiliate offers which is providing faster revenue than SEO can.

Jitendra Vaswani

Ian Fernando gave it to me straight to the point. Showed me the venues of online marketing and how I can utilize traffic exposure to acquire more leads.

James WIlliams

Creating online products always needs more traffic, I took his guidance and it helped our affiliates earn more byb understanding which traffic sources work.

Jani Ghaffor

JG Media Publishing LTD

Entrepreneur DNA

I have been on the internet for over 15 years. Here is what I have done so far... Online marketing is forever changing. I have survived multiple apocalypses. All it takes is grit and the evolution of your mindset.

Ad Management
International Speaker
Amazon FBA Seller
Project Management
Travel Experiences

What Have I Accomplished?

Online Marketing Blogger

I talk about my ups and downs of online marketing, specifically affiliate marketing. Ranging from case studies to reviews.

International Speaker

Given the opportunity just 2 years in my online career, I have now spoken in several countries all around the world.

Amazon FBA Seller

With the evolution of eCommerce, I started my journey with Amazon FBA and have generated well over 5 figures in my first year.

Sold a Software Company

I needed to solve my own problem I was having in the industry and within just 2 years of public release it was sold to a firm in Atlanta.

Campaign Ad Optimizer

Unlike other marketing gurus, I actually do the marketing. I buy the traffic from different ad networks and promote a range of offers.

Digital Nomad Lifestyle

I now live and travel overseas. Currently in Vietnam, I enjoy the local food and the environment online marketing has created.

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