Take My Money, Play Me at Poker During #ASW11

Man Affiliate Summit West is approaching and there are so many events that are starting to take place. One is DK’s Poker Tournament which is happening on January 9th 2011. It will be a full formal poker tournament held and run by the Mirage.

The game is Texas Holdem and it is $100 to buy in. This is going to be a game to remember and I will be visiting the tables, right after my IANteract Dinner. I was given the name “Jersey Card Shark” and DK well is just DK. So if you are a high roller, baller, pimp stacks, etc – then sign up for the poker tourney that is happening the first night of Affiliate Summit West!

Watch the video below:

BTW, I really don’t gamble. Keywords is the game I play!

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