Taking Over Google Content Network

By Ian Fernando

...or trying to. Well now that Affiliate Summit East is over, I have gotten a lot of new ideas and new business ventures I want to dive into. More importantly I want to talk about Google Content Network (GCN). Google Content Network is basically having you ad shown on multiple sites and trying to get a click and then having it convert. This is very different from paid search. When I started with Facebook, there are different rules I had to get use to. I can not look at Facebook Social ads and relate it to Google Search because of so many aspect such as demographics, how the ads are shown, the ad copy, making the ad copy, etc.

There are many aspects. This is similar to when I do PPC with Yahoo and MSN. But some aspects of paid search that I know from Google can cross over with the big 3. Now that I am diving into Google Content Network, I have to learn how GCN works and how ads are being clicked on and if broad, phrase, exact even matter with GCN.

I have done GCN before, but this time I will be going heavy with it. Similar to Facebook, I went heavy but when I started seeing money come through - the ad change regulations took over. I was kinda of angered and probably why I haven't updated my facebook case study. So now after ASE I have been hearing a lot about GCN, so I was like well no one talked about it on the internet - is it a secret? Well I decided to dive into it this past Monday with 3 of my good converting products. These products do well with paid search, so I wanted to know how it would do on content network. So far .06 CTR and such a high impressions with barely any clicks but there are clicks.

Did they convert, no. So I am currently testing ad copy, since I know the audience is different from search. I even have ad groups separated by broad, phrase, and exact. I want to see how it will affect my CTR and if they really matter. Also I am checking to see if a general keyword or long tail keywords will also be of importance. Just so many things to test since no one is really talking about it.

I know several people are jumping into GCN as well and plan to master it. I will also try to master it and get away from the PPC affiliate marketing aspect for a while. I still use paid search for my digital products and they are doing great. The fact I am moving away from network base is because when I ask networks for top 10 offers, they are usually the same across the board. This maybe because it is converting better than others. The thing with this is competition, there is a lot of competition for paid search especially for the top 10 offers from any network.

The offers are the same across the board that I notice anyways: insurance, ringtones, weight lost, cash advance, debt, etc. If everyone does this how many more keywords are being used up? What are the chances of a person getting a quick dollar off the offer? I personally think it is getting saturated, base on offers. Ieven try to get top 25 offers and they still range the same across the networks. The thing with the other offers is there are keywords and niches that no one is bidding on. I try not to get caught up with the hype but sometimes its good since it is converting and if it converts why not do it.

Well I will be diving into GCN and trying to conquer it. I will still be doing paid search with some networks but not so heavy as I want to concentrate PPC with my digital products I am coming out with and as well with Google Content Network.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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