Tatto Media: Exclusive Network, Exclusive Offers

By Ian Fernando

The other day I talked about HasOffers. HasOffers is a system that helps you create a successful CPA network. Today, I have a result of HasOffers in the making. Tatto Media is a network which is a result of using the powerful system of HasOffers.

Now, I have been part of Tatto Media for a while and they were a very private network with a lot of their own offers. They have been around for 3 years and are now coming out publicly to affiliates and to our industry. They were in the works with advancing their own technology and it has allowed them to do a lot of new things.

They do have some neat features and the interface is just very clean. So let's breakdown to what this network has to offer and how they stack up to everyone else.

Some pointers in which their system is different from the others are:

  1. We have our own proprietary tracking system that we built from the ground up. So, no DT, no LinkTrust, etc. We have virtually zero problems that these systems do and we track very quickly/accurately. The interface is geared for affiliates, and is self serve. They can track their stats by: Impression, click, ctr, leads, epc, hour, sub, etc.
  2. Additionally, Affiliates can place their own pixels into the system without needing AM help. It is a self-serve system.
  3. We are a network and we are also an advertiser, so Tatto owns many of its own offers. That means higher ROI on in-house offers.
  4. Weekly payouts via wire, check or paypal.

This was one of the networks that I joined which was not Direct Track or Link Trust. Of the many networks I am part of there are a few than can create their own system from the ground up. I like this a lot since they know what affiliates want. Since they were very private in the beginning they worked closely with their affiliates to fill in the void they were having and now have a complete system that is affiliate friendly

Another BIG feature I like is the ability to add my own pixels. This is a must for all network. The reason is I have too many scenarios where I would email my AM, hit them on AIM, or call them as a reminder to place my pixel. I even give (past) AMs the benefit of the doubt and give them a couple hours slack. In the end when the pixel isn't place I get angry!

I want to run the offer now! If the pixel isn't placed right I tend to not run the offer. Now with this feature, you can easily just put in the pixel yourself and be on your way. Make life easier. Again every network should have this.


They have 8 fixed categories in which they specialize in. One thing when they have a lot of is mobile offers and submit offers. They have a lot of their own mobile as I would go to this network to see what mobile offers they would have.

The other popular category seems to be the health. It seems with Acai craze, they have also jumped on the band wagon. But they have a good variety of other health related offers that can be easily promoted. The payout on some of the Acai is pretty similar across all the networks, but other health ones are at close to 50$.


Since they are using HasOffers, the tracking is pretty clean along with the interface. It is pretty straight to the point and very easy to maneuver around and find the information you are looking for. I have had no issues with their tracking, as again it was pretty easy to use.

The thing I like is the data and information you need to know is on the dashboard once you login, makes life a bit easier by simply overseeing you data.


Tatto Media is a very good network and Michael is a great guy that wants to help affiliates. When I first joined, they are very strict with what kind of traffic you are sending to their offer. With me it was pretty straight to the point traffic via PPC ro Social Traffic. If I was going to do super high volume by other means, I would let him know, as they are looking for quality for both the advertisers and affiliates.

They definitely have exclusive mobile as they do own a lot of their own offers, for example some IQ offers you see are probably theirs. So you may want to check with them to get the highest payout possible since they own their offers.

Solid network. Visit Tatto Media.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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