Teach a Man to Use POFPro and He becomes a Super Affiliate

By Ian Fernando

Plenty of Fish is a dating website and a lot of people are on there. For us marketers we see this as an opportunity to get traffic from. Pof has their own ad serving platform called PofAds. It is a very simple to use advertising platform but one of the more versatile ones out, better than Facebook.

For me when I advertise on POF it is very competitive and need true day to day maintenance. Luckily I was introduce to a system called PofPro a while back when I was visiting Chicago. While I was tweeting my activities, Tom Fang send me a message wanting to meet and I said yes. I am always down to meet a reader, affiliate, and entrepreneurs wherever I go.

He explained a system with POF that he has been using to optimize his campaign and pay for this new project I am about to introduce you to. We talked about advertising on POFAds and how cumbersome it is and how competitive it is, especially for the dating niche. He gave me a solution and his solution is finally now out for public beta.

I am proud to write about this because every time I would see Tom at a trade show, I would secretly ask about this stealth project and when I can get access to it. It is finally out and I am going to start using it to see if it will help with my POFAd'vertising. Here is a video overview of this long awaited project.


Now one thing I truly enjoy about this is the interface. The interface is clean and easy to understand. When it comes to a SaaS it pays to have a great UI. I have learned this in the past with my own software as a service. The product can be great but if the usability sucks, it sucks. The most important numbers are held at the top and provided to show you how your ads are performing.

This is great because it gives you a birds eye view of how your campaigns are doing.


Having your campaigns easily broken down means you can see what is profitable and what isn't. This is the key to making sure your ROI is always positive, getting rid of the weak and keeping the strong. Now one aspect is probably similar to tracking202 interface but it is a basic view of a campaign. You get to see your bid amount, clicks, impressions, the spend, your ctr, etc. From here you see all the right numbers of your campaign.


Tom has worked real close with Ben from POF and it seems this platform will be easily integrate and part of POFAds. Now why can't Facebook be that friendly. The best part is this system sits on your server, meaning this system will not hold your data. All data is held on your personal server which is great because as affiliates we are very protective of our data.

The installation is very simple, Tom has setup a very simple step by step guide to get your POFPro setup on your server fairly quickly. The only time consuming part was setting up the cron. The cron is what updates your dashboard and your dashboard will be delayed by only 5 mins.

The problem I see is if a big majority of affiliates use this system, will POF restrict access and callbacks? That is the only problem I see, unless POFPro has a unlimited callback with POF.

The other aspect which is a crucial time saver is the campaign setup or I think the bulk upload. This will basically rotate images and copy base on your creative campaign setup. This is perfect because you can split test the ad creative per demographic you are targeting, such a time saver! With Plenty of Fish deep demographic coverage, POFPro new bulk upload is a time saver and was extremely needed.

There are a bunch of other options within Tom's POFPro. This platform is in free public beta currently and accepting new users. If you are an advertiser you definitely need something like this as part of your arsenal.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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