Testing Chitika Response on my Blog

This is a quick post. Recently I posted about my success with Chitkia on my other blog. I decided to test it with this blog. My other blog is about technology and it makes sense to put it on there as Chitika is more of physical products. But what about on a blog that is about striving for success?

John Chow has done it on his old template, using his TTZ Media Ads after his post. Does it make sense to put something of non relevance on your blog? I always thought of relevancy, everything on your site needs to revolve around another, if something is out of place – your site is just messy.

Well, lets see how this turns out – if I receive quite a few clicks I may just leave the Chitikia eminimalls on, if not its back to my adsense. I do receive a lot of clicks on my adsense, I just do not know why my adsense logger is not properly working. I wanted to see where most of my clicks are coming from before I changed to Chitika. Hmmm…..

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