Testing Push Traffic on SelfAdvertiser, After $100 Spend What was the Results?

By Ian Fernando

As ongoing, I can be with my case studies, especially on push traffic, here is another one. So I have been talking to a lot of push ad networks after Affiliate World Europe and I am going to be testing SelfAdvertiser.

Another traffic source out there that is expanding into push notification or push traffic. After talking to them about their traffic, I wanted to give them a test. So let dig in on their interface and how the traffic has been for me.

There are two parts to this traffic - the traffic was cheap that I wanted to do a lead gen but it did not perform as I wanted so I shifted and the second part was profitable.

Before I get into the interface, here are my stats for when I ran traffic:

You will see the 2 dips, the first set is testing an offer I thought would of converted as the clicks on Self Advertiser are pretty cheap. I paused it to talk to my account manager and to see what I can do to optimize.

With such a small budget, I wanted to throw another offer at it that I know was converting at 49 cents EPC. Which I know was converting on my other push campaigns. That is the second hill on the graph you see with the test.

First thing first, how are they getting their subscribers is a question I ask. With push, you have to ask where their database is. Is it brokered? from who? Internal, how many content sites? a Mix of both? I think this is important to know the quality of the push database.

With Self Advertiser all the sources are all theirs, meaning they grow their own database. This means they have their own vast content sites which they have the Push optin on. These users then optin or subscribe to receive push notifications.

This is solid to know because of a lot of push networks, forces optins or incentivize them and most of the time these type of optins are not of good quality. Quantity over quality theory.

What I like about Self Advertiser is their clean interface, I think this is one of the best Push traffic interface out there. It really is straightforward to the point. The information you need is there and it is easy to get started on creating a campaign.

They are always updating as I was running traffic they did update the interface where I can add multiple creatives under one campaign. When I first started, I had to create a campaign per creative, but that has been resolved.

Now, I know you did not come here for how clean the interface is but about the data I did and the traffic. So when I created a campaign, I told my account manager about it and they approved it fairly quickly.

First set campaigns, the offer was a simple email submit paying $2 a lead. I rotated it with a lander the advertiser provided. In order to find some profitable angles right away, I decided to go and use my go-to spy tool for Push, Anstrex.

I was able to find some angles that worked on other networks and wanted to see if it will work as well with Self Advertiser, also I was promoting this in 3 different countries.

Here are some stats. The first campaign is when I split tested between a lander and direct linking. I found out that direct linking performed better.

The next 2 sets are just direct linking campaigns with new creatives as well to see if any other creatives I found via Anstrex was gonna convert. In the end, this offer did not perform as well as I thought it would be.

So in order to try to get something to work, I put up an offer that I already know what was working on my other push campaigns. Yes, it is blurred out.

So here is the stat on when I introduced an already working offer on my other push campaigns. It converted almost immediately.

Of course, it is just one conversion, but I was already losing on the $2 submit an offer that I wanted to try to recoup the remaining. So I wanted to switch it out. The email submit I was running and thought would have worked did not, so I needed to switch thing out.

But before I did switch things out, I was trying to optimize the campaign. I usually optimize a campaign by blocking source base on the CPA X 3 or at a 10$ spend depending on the volume, but with this small test, I rarely reached $2 per source.

So I basically was testing out creatives and adjusting bids. It does get hard with a small test at times. So with that in mind, that is why I switched out the offer to another which I knew was already converting.

One great thing about Self Advertiser is my account rep helped me out a lot with the needs I needed on how to optimize especially testing a new traffic source. So there is traffic at Self Advertiser, I will continue to test and see if it will be solid.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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