Thank You from Ian Fernando

By Ian Fernando

This post is just a thank you post to several people and networks at Ad Tech that I met up. Usually I wrap up conferences or trade shows with 1 post. But there was a lot going on and I wanted to make sure I pointed out to certain people and networks instead of just a big post.

Thanks goes out to...

  • Clickbooth
    They had a nice ass booth and took me out to lunch the next day after their exclusive VIP party they had. Thanks to Eric and Brittany for inviting me and taking me out to grab some coffee. Plus some good food.
  • Ads4Dough
    Going out with Jason and meeting and getting to know his whole team was great. Especially meeting new people and connections that I would have probably not made before. The night was a definitely a great night, especially the second night out. Damn.
  • GMB Direct
    The first night out was great hanging with Ads4Dough and Gene from GMB direct is a must. These guys def know how to do it and do it well. Gene is a great guy from the first time I met him at Ad Tech San Francisco!
  • Pinnacle Dream
    First o all thanks to Eva for getting me a pack! ...yes that email works. Great meeting up with everyone and also introducing a new Pinnacle member to the trade show environment.
  • Tatto Media
    Mike is a great guy, I just wanted to thank him for having a nice private 2 story booth. Bryn, Hustler and I just relaxed at the top after such a long walk around the trade show floor. Great booth!
  • Convert2Media
    Now these guys always have the goods. Beer, Ninja Optimization Shirts, and more schwag you want. They always have unique shirts that I do not mind wearing outside my home office. Hell I rocked their shirt the next day! Ninja Optimization FTW!
  • Unique Leads
    Thanks to Glenn for having me at his home and having a nice private dinner. It was great meeting up with Shai and others that he invited. It was a nice clean relaxed environment where we just talked and enjoyed a good ass dinner.
  • Encore Ads - Phil
    Thanks to Phil for letting us get in the cab. The capacity of the cab was 4 people and Phil had to leave which was beat cause I know Phil would have had a blast that night. Thanks again.
  • Dustin Metcalf
    Great kid, I had to crash in his room at 5am in the morning being dumb tired. Showed him how to pimp a few girls and make sure to be more open. Great kid, we will def meetup at ASW
Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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