Thank You Regional Youth Entrepreneurship Congress for Allowing Me to Inspire

By Ian Fernando

I just got back from Camarines Sur, Philippines speaking at the business expo known as Regional Youth Entrepreneurship Congress. It is a business expo geared toward young entrepreneurship. Speakers from all over Philippines joined to help encourage the spirit of failure and success into these young minds.

I was grateful to be asked to speak and it would be my first time to speak to students form several universities and even high schools all in one room. Also, I have not been to Cam Sur and would like to explore the Philippines a bit more. Plus, where I was staying has a man made wake boarding arena where a lot of competitions are held throughout the year.

First, I want to give a congratulations to the Chamber of Commerce (CSCCI) for inviting me and allowing to speak. This is one of the first time I felt highly appreciated to speak. From an airport pick up to seeing my name across the city promoting the business expo, I am still in awe.

They have arranged everything from keeping me in time for my session to making sure we were fed. Personal thanks to Ryan, Sol, Maria, and everyone that kept me entertained.

I especially enjoyed the times out at the amazing restaurants we were brought to. They brought us out to one of the staff members restaurant, SoleDad and Casa Soriano - both had amazing food.

The venue was huge with almost 2000 students from across the region attending. I even met with a lot of the speakers and they are very passionate about what they do, even Carl Ocab was there! The energy at the event was out standing from staff to students, you can feel it through.

The students especially were dressed as if they already had the business going, they took notes, they even asked great questions that challenged the speakers. I was very surprise, I do not get this audience quality from other speaking sessions in the past.

On the first day, Governor Miguel Luis Villafuerte took to the stage to gives his thanks and to inspire the students in the crowd. I had the opportunity to talk to him briefly. He is the youngest governor in the Philippines as well!! Congrats to him and his future endeavors.

Gov Migz Villafuerte

All in all the event was fruitful, a lot of pictures were taken by the students. As well as notes, I actually saw a lot of students writing things down. A highly attentive group of individuals and I hope they make an impact not only in their lives but their country as well!

A well oiled machine of an expo, to my surprise. Thanks to the hospitality CSCCI staff, Cam Sur, Bicol, the speakers, Governor Migz, and especially all the students at the event. Thanks!

Want to check out my presentation? Here it is. How Social Networks Make Money. Make sure to stay updated when I post images an videos form the event, find me on Facebook!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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