The Blogospheres' Clutter of Page Rank Rambles

By Ian Fernando

A lot of controversies are being written about Page Rank and the websites that has been slapped very hard. Yesterday I wrote about WidgetBucks being Pimp Slapped, and that is not an ordinary slap. Andy Beard has sphunn a post which was written by Vlad. The post simply says the search term is unsearchable for "WidgetBucks," because other websites rank far above the specified term.

There is a lot of commotion with angered bloggers and webmasters out there about the raid on websites and pageranks. But what is all the commotion all about when page ranks do not even matter. I wrote a post about the case study that Jonathan Leger was doing. Does Google Page Ranks really affect your Google SERPs? Well the study showed it necessarily did not. Other with lower page ranks or even zero were ranked higher than those of the ones that received a higher page rank. Jonathan Leger's past emails stated:

PageRank has been all the rage since Google first introduced that little green line on the Google toolbar. Links are bought and sold at a premium based on how far that little green bar stretches to the right.

That is true, ever since Google introduced page ranking - everybody got on the banned wagon and started to try to get their PRs increased. Softwares with reciprocal linking, link exchange programs, and even into purchasing links. Whatever it is everyone wanted to get their page rank to number 10!

Looking at some other blogs, one of my partners Simon from the UK says:

If your pagerank drops during an update (we’re assuming it hasn’t been manually changed for now), then the reasons for that change have already happened. The drop in value does not mean your site has suddenly changed in any way, shape, or form. The drop won’t affect your future traffic results either - the underlying factors have been gradually doing that...

Maki from Dosh Dosh says:

Keep this point in mind: People can do whatever they want to you and they often will. You however have the power to determine how you want to react to their actions. Google will adjust its PageRank scores in a way they deem fit (it’s their toy after all) and ultimately you must decide how you will cope with the possible results.

This is very true, you decide what you want to make of the situation. If you want to start bitching to Google and say how much they suck - that means nothing to Google, your just an annoying fly they flick off. For example JohnCow has no PR at all yet there is still floods of traffic to his blog and probably making money. So page rank did not play a role on his end, the cow simply wants traffic and he did what he needed to do to get that, with or without any page rank.

With all this talk Andy Beard stated:

I gained true insight into the sentiment of the blogosphere.

  • I didn't read about anyone being scared
  • I didn't see anyone being apologetic
  • I saw very few people wholly in support of Google's stance

Andy saw a lot of emotions when reading all about Google Page Rank drops - I mean everyone is talking about it. A lot was comical as Andy stated, showing a couple pictures from other blogs. This one being my favorite, since I am at the gym everyday, I wish it was this easy - LOL!

With all this talk - what would be a reliable traffic source? Alexa? Technorati? BlogLines? How can we now officially rank our websites? Is there another tool we can use? Yahoo backlink checker? There is just a lot of options out there but what constitute it as being a viable solution to determining your actual SERP rank or any ranking at all.

We should not really rely on one source for stats, we need to make into the situation and help ourselves with the changes. Google will always be Google, trying to provide you with reliable accurate quality search results. They do not want to be toyed with or played with, so try not to piss them off. Since trying to game the Google will not happen they will catch on and fixed their algorithm to penalized you or simply just filter your site to appear on search results. Google search is their toy and they can tweak it however they can.

Over all in the blogosphere, users are writing their feeling on how they feel about this or making a comical joke about it. Does it bother them they went from a PR 6 to a PR 4, maybe. But changing with the environment/situation can benefit them in the future.

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