The Classroom Came to my Door Step

So I ordered The Secret Classroom DVD set, it took about 2 weeks and some days to get to my house. So anyways I got this because this would be far cheaper than going to each one of these guys seminar. Also I understand that this is going to be a huge information overload which is why I will be watching 2 DVDs a week. This is so I can catch up and make sure I have everything I need and I can gain from the DVD and each known marketer.

So what I will do is maybe create a video review per DVD or write the review? I am eager to put this is and watch the DVD, but it is kind of late and I am tired so I will start maybe this weekend.

The basic contents of the box were 2 packages of 12 DVDs and a workbook, which looks like it was photocopied from something else – it looked cheap. The workbook was really poorly done, small short descriptions, it is not even a workbook more like a scrap book. But here are some pictures for you to drool over.

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