The Couch Classroom Part 1

The other day I posted images of the Secret Classroom Dvd Set. What I will or maybe do from time to time is just generate some video about the DVD set and add my opinion about it. The set came with 12 DVDs and a workbook, also included was the Next Internet Millionaire DVD Box set. I think I may give that away as a gift or sell it on ebay, it is still in its’ original wrapping. I know I won’t finish this set in 12 days so don’t expect me to be the Next Internet Millionaire in under a month. =P

So today I went ahead and created a simple video, you can hear Armond Morin in the background talking about branding. The DVD is about 2 hours long and the information is like ‘rushed’ information. Everything is talked about so fast and if you do not have a basis of what the speaker is talking about you are going to be lost, luckily I wrote some stuff down. For the most part I know what most of them are talking about.

One thing that I do not like was I think Joel had some cheap audio and cameras, or maybe it is my TV. The reason I say this is because the video is really pixelated, you can literally see the tiny pixels on your TV. I might just have to upgrade my TV I think, but here is my small video clip of the Couch Classroom.


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