The Couch Classroom Part 2: Technical Issues

By Ian Fernando

So I really didn't get a lot done with my projects and websites. The reason is I have been watching the DVDs from The Secret Classroom by Joel Comm. I have watched a total of 4 DVDs so far and there was a lot of information from one and one was just rushed information, which I was kind of mad. Let me tell you everyone likes to tell stories and Joel's camera and audio team has technical difficulties.

The second and third DVD had crazy audio issues, since my TV is hooked up to a nice entertainment system and I have speakers on my walls, the acoustics were just bad. For example The main audio should be coming from my front speakers, for the most part it did until about 45 minutes in it switched to my side speakers. WTF! I thought it was my entertainment system and I checked and rechecked until it switched back to the front speakers, I came to the conclusion it was not my entertainment system and it was the audio of the DVD.

Also, one speaker, Jeff Walker of Product Launch Formula had stage issues. When I say stage issues, lights were flickering on and off. It probably pissed off Jeff Walker because it would piss me off! Even his acoustics were bad on the DVD, audio switched from front speakers to my back speakers. I was a little piss about it and I took a break after 1 hour in and returned to the dvd set to watch where I left off. Still the audio was poor.


The Bad so Far:

The only problem with some of the speakers is they digress and they digress a lot! When it comes to crunch time most of the information is rushed which really sucks. But luckily they are in the workbook which can be reviewed over and over. I have a feeling that 2 hours per speaker is not enough time to really talk about their specific topic. When they rush the information, I just become like WTF slow down! I tune my DVD player to slow things down bit. <- sarcasm

The Good so Far:

Marlon Sanders is a funny, hysterical speaker. There is so much information that you do not know what to write. The notes within the workbook were helpful but there are also small things you may want to write down. I wrote a lot of notes and even rewind the DVD a couple times to re listen to a specific tactic or rule, just so it sunk in my head.

For example information product tactics and product launch was one of my favorites so far because I want to re-launch OptiComments the right way and properly. It is amazing that simple strategic planning can create a great product launch or product. Most of the things taught are very basic, but I would not have think or thought of for my products.

It is great I can watch these great speakers on my t, when I can and when I have conquered some of their tactics. I just need to properly let all the information sink in and properly execute the tactics!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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