The IAN Network Released

By Ian Fernando

The past couple days I was pretty busy, as you can see my last post was on the 18th. I was busy creating 3 new sites and was busy creating content. I wanted to have these 3 sites released by today and they are all released for your viewing. These 3 sites are just a network of 'me', you will notice by the domain names. I will also go into details as to why I came up with these concept and the reason for creating these sites. I am currently creating sites with my name in it, you will see below.

So let's start to digg into the sites that I currently finished and will be working on this week. First off I wanted to create more of a community with my readers and people who want to network and learn. So I decided on a forum. is the forum which is currently using Simple Machine's forum script. It was either between VB bulletin, phpBB, or simple machine. I did my research and found simple machine to be very beneficial especially with what I want to do with my forum. IANteract (interact) was suppose to be a local meetup website for affiliates/bloggers I meet in my area, but then I decided I would want to connect with everyone as much as I can so I decided on a forum.

I know a forum will be hard work to generate traffic, but I would like it to be support for my digital products and networking. It will also be good for local meet ups as I can set private sections in the forum.

I also wanted a forum for all my digital products, but I was not going to make a forum for every big product I make. I figured a general forum would work. It houses readers, it houses customer support for my digital products, and it creates a networking environment. Though some of my digital products maybe off topic or 'off niche' of the forum, I wanted to create a one stop shop for a community that needs help.

The best part about this forum is it has topics, in which I currently am doing. I do digital product creation, I do ppc marketing, affiliate marketing, networking, etc. So all forms of marketing that I do reflects in the forum. This is neat because I have experience in these fields and can help others interact and provide feedback to my readers. is my company website. I had a simple layout and now I want to start posting on IANternet (internet) Media and let others know what the company will be up to. Though most of the generic post will happen on, company updates will be posted on IANternet Media, such as site maintenance, new project releases, etc.

Ever since I bought my LLC (IANternet Media LLC), I wanted a home page for it. So I just bought the domain ever since I bought the LLC. It was just stuck and I never really posted on it because I figured it would just be a landing page for my company. I came to a conclusion, I wanted my company to be read on the internet. So company posting will not be frequent but should be there just in case anyone wants to know a bit more on what I do or what the company does. is my affiliate network system. I have always had an affiliate system with all my digital products, except there were some flaws and now I have a very powerful affiliate system which is powered by JROX JAM. In the past I have had use affiliate programs of third party providers to have my products promoted and gain publicity. Having an affiliate system is very important because it provides you the necessary traffic needed to generate your list and create potential income.

myIANcome (myincome), is a very tight affiliate system which houses all my digital products which can be promoted via special affiliate links. It also provides a lot of data for the affiliate as well, since reporting is very important.

With the release of my new affiliate system, can now earn you potential income for every visitor you send here. The catch is the end user needs to convert and it is pretty easy when they leave a comment. My comment section is optimized with OptIn Comments, which captures names and emails. Once the end user accepts to be on my list, you generate a payout for that traffic.

I am very excited with these 3 new sites I put up and I definitely look forward to participating in the forum with all my readers. I hope to see you in the forums!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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