The Many FaceLifts of Ian Fernando: Recap

It has been a month since my revolutionary facelift and I have been getting emails about how my other designs looked like. So I decided to take the time to go back in time and capture all the design templates. You will see I went through 3 FaceLifts! Ouch! I must be an ugly dude!

But below you will see screen shots of how my website design was and compare it to now, I have upgraded a lot. For the readers that have asked me prior, I have directed you to the templates I was using. Below are the actual designs with some modifications to the template. Also, the first 2 templates, I was using a different CMS system, actually it was an article directory system which is being used on my Article Directory website.

When I have finally switched to WordPress you can see the difference in design. Also you will notice all 3 prior designs are all 3 column templates. I like 3 column templates for many reasons. Its more organized, neat, and short. I can put a lot of information within the 3 columns and customize it to my needs.

3 column templates is very useful when creating a good navigation for your readers. Readers want to be able to navigate easily and find something they want to read more readily than scrolling or doing a CTRL + F. Also the most important content should be viewed from a left to right to perception. Most important content is on the left moving to the least important on the right. I discuss this in a report which you can grab for free, by just subscribing to Ian Fernando on the homepage.

Well with that all said I have traveled back in time and have found old designs of my templates and here they are for your viewing pleasure. See how much I have grown! I have used the WayBackMachine to figure out my younger age.

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