The Money is NOT in the List, BUT the Comments

By Ian Fernando

You have been hearing "the Money is in the list." In order to really make money online it is about having a huge list. The 12 Month Internet Millionaire audios state it as well. Well I have found a better logic to it. The money is in the list, but there are so many ways to hassle to get that list.

Here is a prime example: you create a squeeze page or have an email form on your main page. For every visitor that looks at that box they just disregard it, users are hesitant to give away their email address. Giving out their email address is a privacy barrier to them, it is as important as giving out their social security number. Why? The talk of spam and viruses may be the cause, but an email address is their identity on the internet.

Well I have just created, with the help with one of my partners and finished a revolutionizing WordPress plugin. With list building you have to do a lot of hard work, literally. I have my own list and it is really hard work. You have to:

  1. Get the attention of your reader
  2. Give out a prize/reward worthy of their email address
  3. Maybe join Multi Tier Systems
  4. ..or maybe even Co-Registrations
  5. Pay a hefty amount from a list broker
  6. etc..

There are many ways to build lists, but it is hard or it cost a lot of money. Some systems do not even work, since you are building your list among the same niche that is trying to build their list as well!

Introducing OptIn Comments

My new digital product was made because list building is such a pain! I came along this product by a repetitive action I do everyday and you probably do it as well!

I was going around the internet commenting on other blogger's authors' blogs and websites, leaving my name, website, and email address. I was doing this on popular blogs such as ProBlogger, ShoeMoney, John Chow, John Cow, and multiple other blogs.

I then realize I was freely giving my email address to these authors, just because I wanted to put my own opinion on their posts, yet I never received anything from them. The only time I received an email is from when I have subscribed to that post specific comments.

I thought to myself, well everyday I leave comments and if I do there are thousands that do too; this time their emails will be put to good use and not just gather digital dust in the SQL database. Then one day I left a comment on another authors blog where I got an instant response in my inbox, giving me thanks that I left a comment. I think thought he got my email and this author is using it for something. I then emailed the author of that specific blog which then I was directed to a plugin called Comment Relish.

Comment Relish uses the current email within the comment box and sends a thank you email for leaving a comment. I then thought, what if I can incorporate something like that with my auto responder, since that is what comment relish is, an auto responder. That is where and how I came up with OptIn Comments! I am rewarding my readers in turn for just leaving a comment. Readers and authors leave comments everyday, so my list is growing everyday with very little work, besides making a post.

With the creation of this new plugin I have left this plugin live on my blog for a while before release. I have tested this on my blog for about 3 months, and the results are great! Also no one has complained!! I literally just installed, setup, and just did my daily blogging. I watch readers leave comments and my list grows when they do. If a person leaves a comment they know the are either interested, controversial, or want to just give you a high five on your post/work.

BUT I do not force them to join; I do some old school list building techniques. I respect a person's email address, and since I will be commenting myself on blog that may have my plugin, I too would want to have that same respect. What I do is provide a double optin with reward when a person leaves a comment.

There are many ways to reward readers that subscribe via RSS or email form - well I reward my readers that leave comments. OptIn Comments, is not just a capture email plugin - it will reward your readers that are interested in your blog.

When I send a double optin email request, it verifies their email addresses and when they do verify they are rewarded with 2 digital products I provide to them for just leaving a comment on my website. Imagine rewarding a first timer on your blog!

Now the best part is it will never ask that same person to join again when they leave another comment, a 4th comment, a 100th comment - it will only ask your reader just one time if they would like to join your little network.

Another great feature I have done is it will imitate any form/email campaign! If you use aweber, pro sender, constant contacts, an in house auto responder - those form properties will work with OptIn Comments. I made this very universal to work with any email form campaign, because everyone uses a different version.

I have already been featured on IMNewsWatch press release:

With the new release and new attraction I have caused, I will be giving out 25 plugins of OptIn Comments for FREE. This will be a very valuable asset to all list builders and email marketers. You can read all about the giveaway here.

To read more about what OptIn Comments can do for you here is my sales letter.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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