The New Meaning to AffiliIt Marketing

By Ian Fernando

...I didn't spell that wrong either.

Today, I want to share with you a new affiliit learning membership sites. Yes there is a lot out there and they all vary from which is better and all this other stuff. Now if you want to do affiliate marketing but do not understand what you need to do first, I suggest you get a mentor or read some blogs. BUT do not read too much. You need to actually do it.

Now, I was privileged enough to get access to and to see what they have on here. The only affiliate ppc marketing classroom I hear of is PPC Classroom which I hear is one of the best out there, which is also similar to Affiliate Classroom with Amit. So how does this differ from others.

Well I personally learned about affiliate and online marketing all by myself. This meant I had to make mistakes, I had to lose money, I did all my split testing - no one helped me! I read blogs, forums, posted questions, attended conferences, etc. I didn't have a solid mentor to go to. No one to ask questions that will have a consistent answer. I was all by myself. gives you a helping hand with online marketing. Their service is not just a private all access forum. They have 2 well known guys in the industry already, in which I have emailed back and forth about their program. Clint Lenard and his partner Chris, which I do not know of. Well anyways, their names does not really matter it is the content and the service they are providing which is why I am writing this post.

So what is in their system that differentiates them? Well, starters it isn't a forum! Let's get that ish straight. It has a forum. But it also has like sectional learning, like chapters and ish. When I was within their community they had some real beginner stuff, so I just went on to their videos and browsed their tools.

...they got a real good hand in the tools section.

The video series breaks things down into sections, beginners, keywords etc. They have a good amount of videos within their site, being it is a fairly new site. Their is a lot of text information within their membership site that is worth reading especially if you are getting started or want to get started.

Some videos are basics of Prosper202, Applying to Networks, etc. They have videos showing you how to properly use their tools and optimize your campaigns. The videos are great. It is almost like going to an online university but for affiliit marketing. I do not think Clint will mail you out a diploma. If it makes you feel better click here for your web success diploma.

Their videos alone are pretty well verse. It is a step by step and they give you a good view of what is going on the screen.


The most interesting part is reading through the forum. There is a lot of knowledge in there and the best part is the forum is really active. For being brand new in the 'teach me' affiliate marketing space, I figured it would be pretty dead and repetitive. But there is a lot of good information in there.

The best part is they attack it like from a personal point of view, because reading some of the users goals is quite intriguing makes me want to just copy and paste their goals on my whiteboard. I guess it is more of a personal satisfaction that it is written somewhere and they know they got the affiliit team to make sure thy are on top of it.

Overall very good system and program they have here. Very well verse in media, content, and communication via their community. I think I myself will start participating in the forums to give my 2 cents.

Visit their website, they have a $1 trial that is going on right now. Even for $1 testing out hte tools and browsing the forums will benefit you a lot.

Maybe I will get Clint or Chris to get on a podcast about their platform and maybe share somethings. Damn, I haven't done a podcast in a long time.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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