The Next Internet Millionaire: Episode 2: Branding

By Ian Fernando

I have just finished watching The Next Internet Millionaire. I thought this episode was far more superior than episode 1. With that said I have created a video review about this. It was late at night so please do not mind the lighting.

I really thought there was more learning within the video for us bloggers and marketers out there. Also, there was more controversies, argument, and tension! Finally! The best part I think was the tension issues at the end with Allison and Jason. They were just talking bad about each other.

Also, the audio (when making this video) is far more better than the first review. I think there has something to do with my video card and processing the video. Well here is the video.


Also, the winning teams shirt got posted on the internet and is for sale! You can view it at the right.

I found this logo to be better than the other teams poor mosaic logo. I thought the KISS teams logo was made by children. Their presentation was very strong though!

In my mind they should have won because they had the better presentation. Then again I did like BullsEy's logo, more professional.

Here are what others are saying about the Next Internet Millionaire Episode 2:

DNSeo says:

I am sorry Joel Comm, but this time i can’t say much about this episode, it was not as good as the first one (but maybe this could attract Paris Hilton to watch this show too and just internet marketing newbies).

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