The Problem with Local Lead Marketing

By Ian Fernando

The internet is now going with the craze of local lead marketing. Everyone I talk to or emails I see is all about local lead stuff. Creating and helping the community. I am all for helping people but what I have discovered so far is local lead marketing is a pain.

The internet marketing space is turning itself into ONE big agency. Why aren't local advertising agencies multi millionaires? Some are but some are just struggling and dealing with a few local clients. The question I poise is what local clients do you target? I had 2 clients in the past and I currently have 1 client now.

It is a pain.

There are several issues that arised when I started local marketing. Clients are clueless. They really are. They think they have the best website and the are paying for great designers. In fact and what reality is that they have no clue. They will chose the cheapest web designer and coder to get things done. They are cheap!

That is one problem. Another problem is if you manage their PPC campaigns - there isn't any volume to do real optimal testing. How can you test 100 clicks to 1 conversion? When you are only getting 30 clicks a day, maybe a week! Sometimes you have to go on gut and instinct feeling to see if what you have designed will work.

So you have to take all your marketing experience and make an educated guess to get a qualified lead for the client.

There is just so many problems that local lead marketing and local marketing can lead into. If you are just getting into online marketing then you can go scam the hell out of the clients and charge them 29.99 for a domain - why, they do not know how much a domain cost. They have no clue what the internet is about.

Another problem is creating a community with social media. A local (mom and pop) business consists of maybe 5 employees top. Each has a job, so each can not handle a Facebook Fanpage, Twitter accounts, Youtube, etc. They do not have the time.

Ok why not manage it for them. Sure, but at what point will the client stop the service because they do not see the long term goal. Most clients are called "NOW results" they want stuff now. They do not see the bigger picture of having a website, a twitter account, how to manage Adwords, etc.

Attacking bigger Businesses

The goal for local lead marketing is attacking local non mom and pop shops. Why - they have the funds to spend and are on top of requests that you may have for them. Personally I do not know this because I have worked with mom and pop local businesses. But I think this is the local market that the gurus are talking about.

To me it makes sense. They have a faster response, they understand the online environment, and they will trust you because you are the expert. Smaller mom and pop shots will trust the lowest price point and that is it.

Attacking Web 2.0 Small businesses

There are other businesses that are creating a more social atmosphere within the community. These businesses also understand the online marketing environment and understand the need to expand to the community. Though they may not have the funds to spend but at least they understand quality.

Also, the web 2.0 businesses are more of the age group after the baby boomers. So they understand technology and where the internet is going. less arguments.

Though I have the Local Lead Plan, it is hard interfacing with local businesses that do not want to spend money and understand the benefit of creating a community online. Again most local businesses want results immediately, especially mom and pop shops. You have to find what client you want to attack big or small businesses.

What are your thoughts? Video below of what I basically just said.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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