The Secret is Out: Secret ClassRoom

By Ian Fernando

If you have not already heard or have watched my video reviews about the Next Internet Millionaire, Joel Comm has come out with a sequel to his reality TV in a form of a product. I would imagine he would be doing this since these are marketers in their prime, teaching a selected few about Internet marketing and how to accomplish their goals to success.

I was anticipating this product and now it is out and the price tag is at an ok price to purchase I was thinking of buying the DVD set. The DVD consists of 12 2 hour sessions, one with each marketer as if you were in the classroom. There are also videos of Joel teaching his Adsense secrets and so much more. I did learn a lot from the small snippets of information on the reality show and some I didn't even learn anything. If you have not been watching my video reviews of the Next Internet Millionaire, you can view them all here: Next Internet Millionaire Reviews


I know this DVD set will definitely turn lives around, since those reality kids became close to millionaires. They are using the strategies used from the CommPlex in real life and have succeeded. Jaimie has wont the Next Internet Millionaire reality TV show, when she walked into this not knowing anything about internet marketing.

This is the education that you won't find elsewhere. Unfortunately, many people are looking to make a quick buck off of you by selling you the latest gimmick or trick, and they DON'T want to give you a LASTING education, because they want you to keep buying their stuff over and over again.

NOT SO with the Secret Classroom. Joel wants you to receive the education that will give you the knowledge needed to become an internet millionaire, and improve your life in many other ways too! These strategies are directly coming from the Internet Marketer Gurus.

Each of the gurus have their own courses that they sell individually, some of which cost thousands of dollars. So they provide all those thousands of dollars of education and then some when they taught the Secret Classroom.

Also, Joel is also adding in the DVD specials of uncut footage from the Next Internet Millionaire. Though I can say that since I watched it, I really do not need to see uncut footage of the show. I am really interested in this DVD package as I can learn more, but I wonder if this will be an information overload? Maybe I will watch 1 DVD per week or every X amount of days? I just do not want to have an overload of information and then not knowing what I will be doing because I have so many ideas running though me.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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