Why I think Filipinos Are Not the Best Choice When it Comes to Outsourcing Projects

By Ian Fernando

I have literally given up up on hiring anymore filipino remote workers. I have found that filipinos are not that competent when it comes to creativity and trying to learn on their own. I have realized that filipinos would rather do as they are told instead of making a potential mistake because of the potential to get fired.

Worst mind set to have. BTW, this is a rant-realtime post...

Granted I still have 2 solid remote outsource employees, but they went through a good vetting/hiring process and have done well with criticism, especially from me.

I also have written several post about outsourcing as well. I even recommend using filipinos, but after 13 years in this game I am saying no, do not hire filipinos.

Here are the reason why you should hire a filipino.

  1. If there is no thinking involved in your tasks
  2. If your tasks are copy and paste, meaning they have a template to pick from
  3. If the job can be copied but have a diff twists to it BUT not a new idea
  4. Basic programming that requires no upgrade in code
  5. If it requires bullshit day to day tasks that is repetitive

These are the reasons why you should hire a filipino. If it requires them to think outside the box just a bit, please do not waste your valuable time. Yes there are good working filipinos, 90% of them are not about that work life. Filter and trying to hire the best is hard work, its a hiring nightmare sometimes.

BUT when it comes to I think basic easy work where it requires a bit of thinking. I shouldn't be spending my time to find the best when all the job is responding to emails. Pure basics tasks I get annoyed at because I am asked every time is this right, is this wrong, should I do this.

The confidence of a remote employee is important because it allows me to do my own daily job and tasks. If I am getting annoyed or bombarded with these basic questions, I might as well just do the task myself. It will get done faster and more efficient but my time is more valuable elsewhere.

I have lived in the Philippines for a while now and I can tell you the work ethics plays a resemblance to the whole country. It is sad to see it from waiters to online jobs. I was even surprised when I spoke to a senior developer at a startup that they do not train on new code development? A developer main job is to outsmart other developers!

My brother says its the island life, the laziness comes from our past and that they are already happy they have a job but they do not need to do the most out of it. Again, there are probably good workers in the Philippines, just a majority of them are not about that hard work life as life is already hard.

I am ranting about this because I use to say do not hire people from India because of the same thing. They need a fixed blueprint, but I find that India outsource workers grew on their drawbacks years ago and are now filling the gap for outsourced work. They get on calls with clients, plan and think out of the box. They have now become a place to get stuff done at a very good price and quality.

Philippines, we just fall behind - we never want to improve we just watch form the sidelines. It is crazy to me that I wanted to put my influence there as I am filipino, but you can't help someone that do not want to be helped - in this case the country.

I just do not like laziness or having no self confident. I do not mind if a remote worker is doing a mistake, everyone makes them. When it comes to having no confidence, then I find it very annoying that you do not want to improve yourself.

If you do not want to improve yourself, then how can you help me improve my business?

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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