Thrive Suite Review. A Truly Focused Conversion WordPress Plugin for Your Marketing Plan

By Ian Fernando

It's easy to get overwhelmed when choosing the best plugin option for creating conversions. With so many options available for a variety of websites and eCommerce stores, you aren't alone if you're left scratching your head at times. 

Usually, you have to download several marketing plugins and then be left trying to understand how they all work.

Lucky for you, there's a plugin suite for that! This site specializes in building plugins based on specific marketing concepts. 

This site lives and breathes conversions. 

Starting as a themes company for WordPress, they evolved into a plugin suite for digital marketers. For anyone who is building an eCommerce store, Thrive Suite is the best solution for marketers out there. 

In this blog, I go in-depth into why eCommerce marketers on WordPress need Thrive Suite. I discuss my own experiences with using Thrive to build my eCommerce website store. Thrive Suite can be implemented with info products, lead gen, blog marketing, anything related to online marketing.

Let's jump in!

Some problems that I have are:

  • downloading several different plugins for conversions 
    • (PopUps, Lead Gen Forms, Templates, etc.)
  • managing each plugin 
    • support between multiple vendors can get annoying
  • creating custom scripts 
    • for tagging leads between plugins
  • asking my dev to integrate themes 
    • into another eLearning platform
  • finding designers to help 
    • create an optimized landing page for conversions
  • making my quiz script 
    • to manage and engage users
  • figuring out why one plugin doesn’t want to work with another plugin

Many people are left asking the same question: 

So how do I go about finding the best plugins for WordPress, optimized for conversions? 

The answer’s Thrive Suite - a focused marketing plugin toolbox for your online ventures.

I’m going to break down the main features of the Suite. I’ll show exactly how compelling they are and discuss ones that aren’t talked about as much. I’ll be sharing some of my experiences with using Thrive as I build my eCommerce store. 

Here we go!

Thrive Architect - Page Builder

It’s easy to wonder how each page builder option is different, with so many choices out there such as Elementor, Divi, OptimizePress, and many more. As it turns out, they’re all kind of the same. 

I’ve used Thrive Architect to make upsell pages, beautiful lead-gen pages, checkout carts, product carts, and much more.  Thrive Architect layout I found to be pretty easy to use and not overly complicated. With all the elements of a proper page builder, I found navigation to be very intuitive. 

Currently, I’ve been using Thrive Architect, and like many well-designed page builders, straightforward to understand and use to create pages. 

I wished there were some variations for more focused direct response themes, but other than that, it works great. With so many versions of templates available, for example, testimonials and progress bars, Thrive Architect is a lifesaver. 

Why You Need it: Theme design can be expensive. Thrive Architect isn’t, especially when upgraded to the Thrive Suite Bundle.

By using already pre-built designs, Thrive Architect helps to save you time and money. Plus, if you’re looking to get creative, you can mix and match pages to see what works in converting end-users.

Thrive Leads - Optin Forms and Pops

The Thrive Leads plugin caught me a bit off guard when I first saw it. With so many options and lead forms that take priority, it can feel overwhelming. After talking to Thrive support, I can see why they formatted their backend the way they did.

Thrive Leads uses popular model popups on websites such as exit-intent strategies, screen fillers, and even micro goal opt-ins. I found several designs you can utilize, all are simple to edit, or pieces of text changed.

One of the things I was impressed by was how fast the pages loaded, and the exit intent worked. I was amazed, to say the least. 

Marketing Example - BudgetBytes is a blog all about meal prep with 3 million monthly page views.

The website has been customized and uses Thrive Architect to design the newsletter sign-up form. This is the versatility of Thrive Architect builder, not just a page builder.

Also powered by none other than Thrive Leads to help with build the site's email list. Thrive Leads integrates with many popular ESPs.

Website Facts: 

Plugins Used: Thrive Leads, Thrive, Architect
Traffic Estimate: 3 million monthly pageviews

Why You Need It: All web businesses need to capture leads. That’s just a fact. 

Think of gathering leads as a cash flow ATM; it’s what keeps things moving. Thrive Leads helps you create leads and develop a community at the same time. This plugin will help you reach your user who’s open to receiving engaging affiliate offers or new product ideas.

Thrive Apprentice - eLearning Platform

Thrive Apprentice is the most simplistic and versatile platform I’ve found. Easy to navigate and to create courses is super simple; this platform is a dream. With a stunning end-user interface, it’s a shame it wasn’t featured on LearnDASH. 

Marketing Example - BearCountryBees's niche is, in its name, bees. This website sells resources and online courses around the topic of beekeeping. Using the Thrive theme Pressive, this website is a beauty. 

This website uses several Thrive plugins: Thrive Apprentice for its online courses and teaching materials. 

One of my favorite pages is the Adopt-a-Hive landing page, which shows testimonials from past customers and a pricing table for adoption fees, a clean and intuitive design. 

Website Facts: Theme: Pressive (now only available with Thrive Themes membership)
Plugins Used: Thrive, Apprentice, Thrive, Architect, Thrive Leads, Thrive Headline Optimizer
Traffic Estimate: 5,000 monthly pageviews

Why You Need It: Every physical product can be turned into information, otherwise known as a digital product. With having an eLearning platform, your sales can increase, providing more value than what a physical product can offer.

This value can extend into your brand and establish you as an expert in your niche. 

Part 2 – Critical Marketing Plugins

Time for a bit of a break… 

The following two sets of plugins are for those who are digital marketers. Using these plugins, I found that these plugins are critical whether you have an eCommerce store or a website. 

Thrive Suite decided to include many of these plugins because of their popularity and how often they get used. Why? These are the basics of marketing. 

Let’s take a look.

Thrive Ultimatum - Scarcity

The marketing tactic of scarcity is usually frowned upon. The mentality of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) tries to make the customer make that last-minute, emotionally charged decision. Based on the fear, they might miss out on something.

Thrive Ultimatum allows the flow of users to move to other questions based on answers from earlier. I’ve found that you can better control the user flow and have a better chance of conversion with this handy plugin.

Why You Need It: The script allows you to redirect users making the scarcity feel real.

Thrive Quiz Builder - Engagement

Quizzes are a popular item in the affiliate marketing space. Typically, for users to see their score, they need to opt-in or fill out an offer. 

Over the years, I have been coding my scripts and have found that using quizzes has helped create micro-goal engagement. Thrive Suite has proven to has helped tremendously.

Why You Need It: Thrive Quiz Builder helps you build a simple quiz to drive engagement, turning curious users into conversions. I’ve discovered that controlling the answers to questions is a powerful tool. 

Thrive Quiz Builder has that feature, that other platforms usually don’t.

Marketing Example - The Geek Quiz

The above image is an example of a quiz around a topic that people tend to geek out on, potentially a blog fan-based website.

Say, Harry Potter, LOTR, or Star Wars, for a few examples. Creating a quiz for any website and offering a free booklet or guide that helps solve pain points the user may have will drive engagement and develop a sense of trust. 

As people answer each question, depending on what they choose, they are then directed to another specific question based on that response.

Quizzes like this are a great way to drive engagement for a website and build a strong email list, as users must complete a form and enter their email to get their results.

Thrive University - Learn Online Marketing

Thrive’s the mini online university, has some of the best content I’ve found so far on the web. In addition to the full Thrive Suite membership, you get access to their marketing university. Because they create conversion plugins, I found it makes sense that Thrive involves itself in this information space.

Questions about the opt-in form such as "to 1-step or 2-step? That is the question." Helpful facts like when a 1 step or 2 steps opt-in form has a better conversion rate are things you will learn at Thrive University. 

If you're like so many people who have found themselves trying to start a business online or a blog, or maybe you're just dabbling, Thrive University has the answers.

Thrive University breaks down the difference between a 1 step and 2 steps opt-in form what you should consider when it comes to your website, among many other topics.

As this is part of your membership, you’ll want to learn all about marketing online.

Other Integrations with Thrive Suite Bundle

From my experience, I believe Thrive Suite has suitable bundles for marketers and digital creators. These packages are beneficial for creators, as you can design some fantastic login pages using Thrive Suite. 

With some simple edits, you can easily create a stunning branded website. All available plugins are great on their own, but together, that's when the magic happens. 

If I took a real screenshot, the image would have been too long!

Thrive Suite has a ton of choices for more plugins and many more options outside of the traditional options. Plugins like Thrive Ovation, which collects testimonials for your products, can help you take your eCommerce store or website to the next level.

Check out all the features you get outside the traditional plugin available on Thrive Suite. 

Thrive Optimize – A/B Testing

Thrive Optimize plugin has taken A/B testing and made it more accessible and straightforward. Especially for those self-declared "non-techies," you're in good hands. A/B testing also knows as split testing, is when marketers test two different designs to see which one resulted in more conversions.

The optimize plugin allows marketers not to be taking stabs in the dark. You can be confident that when it comes to what landing page or ad works the best, you'll know without a doubt.

I've found that Thrive Optimize has made it way easier to test my site and keep testing to ensure everything is continually operating at its peak.

Why you need it: Thrive Optimize will increase your profits and save you time. This plugin is a lifesaver.

Traditionally, A/B testing is usually tricky, leaving you to guess if something is working. Thrive Optimize takes that guesswork away and shows you what is working and what needs to be tweaked.

Thrive Automator – Grow Your Site

As I've used Thrive Plugins more and more, I'm amazed at how intuitive all their designs are. Thrive Automator is no different. This plugin allows you to build workflows that enable information that is exchanged between other apps or plugins.

This plugin can see what is going on in your WordPress website. You now have the power to trigger automation when a user enters your website, such as filling out a form, signing up for an email newsletter, or signing up for sales codes.

Why you need it: Thrive Automator can help you sell.

This plugin can cause the Thrive Ultimatum to start a countdown that helps push an online product, creating a sense of FOMO for users. Without having to lift a finger, you can be selling to users and seeing an increase in conversions.

Usually, most WordPress plugins aren't smart enough to help you sell, say, online courses.

Thrive Ovation - Testimonials

Do you ever find that before you are about to commit to buying something online, a whole bunch of questions race through your head?

Does it work? Is it worth the price? Will it work in my industry? Will I save time? And dozens more, sound familiar?

Using Thrive Ovation, I found it effortless to have testimonials organized in one area, and I didn't have to run around trying to dig up past testimonials. Most people can't imagine buying anything online without seeing what past testimonials have said, which can hurt conversions in the long run.

Why you need it: Testimonies create trust and predictability. People can't see who they're buying from; testimonials help web businesses show social proof.

The power of testimonials is that they can provide social proof and help customers feel at ease over-committing to a purchase.

It's a win-win. It's a god-send when it comes to increasing conversions, which is the name of the game.

Customer Support

Thrive's customer support operates through a live chat on their member's backend. If you need their help to fix something, give them access to the site by generating a token from your WordPress site, which I think is impressive. There is no need to create a user login, super easy. 

The customer support staff, which operates a day behind, helped me better understand Thrive's plugins and check out my site to ensure everything was fine. 

This image shows how you generate a token from your WordPress site. After that then paste it here in the "support token" window. This token allows customer support to access your website temporarily and has a set expiry date.

Final Thoughts

Thrive Suite is not necessarily just for eCommerce websites. If you're focused on gaining more conversions, then Thrive Suite is for you. 

Thrive Suite is a game-changer. Whether you need help working on your lead-gen game, affiliate marketing, blogging, or information marketing, there is something for everyone. Thrive's plugins are designed to help optimize and convert your users.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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