Tila Tequila Gave Me a Shot at Traffic

By Ian Fernando

Last night I was watching the Tila Tequila show on MTV, I do not know why I watch the show maybe because of all the drama and excitement. As you know I have posted a comparison on a post called Tila Tequila has a shot at Offline Marketing. This specific post is very popular on my blog, because it has a 'celebrity' in my title? Usually the traffic is little during the week but when a new episode is on, that specific post is always searched by Google.

I notice I am on the first page for Google for several keywords. A lot of readers or fans of the show are interested about what just happened on the show and what will be expected on the next episode. Curiosity is what makes these fans search for the gossips.

After the show I decided to look at my live traffic on my blog. I am usually curious where users are going and what they are looking at etc. I try not to look at this live traffic too often but it is a WordPress plugin and the button is right there.

You can see most of my content currently being looked at is my last post about Tila Tequila more specifically they are coming from Google Search. This is what usually happens almost every episode, but now the question is will they come back?

The post was an experimental post because I wanted to see if using a 'celebrity' name can help with some traffic and it does. The only factor that I want to see from it is they converting into buyers or readers? These readers may just be interested in the gossip or they may be diverted by clicking on an affiliate link? It is hard to say.

Most of the search keywords were all about a specific member of the show. This is telling me they want to find out what is going to happen on the next episode. Do they want to learn about marketing? The header is clearly going to talk about Tila Tequila and her Offline Marketing skills but that does not seem to bother a reader scouring for the gossips. Readers are more concerned about gossips instead of the facts, especially in the Hollywood world. They want to know what will happen or what is going to happen.

The question remains are these specific readers looking for the gossip converting to buyers or readers or even subscribers? It is hard to tell from my analytics. I do notice these readers do not explore but perhaps navigate away from the topic. They see specific information they want to read and just leave. Also these readers do not leave right away they tend to read the page and stay on that specific page for an average of 1.90 minutes. This is telling me they are reading the post closely. The post it self does express my opinions about certain members of the show and one which is especially searched often.

If you look at Google Hot Trends, you will see most of the current searches. These searches are what is hot at the moment, you can read my post about it here. Looking at it quickly you will notice most of the searches are names. A lot of people are nosy aren't they!

This specifically shows celebrities are a hot commodity or niche. But does it help if I am not converting my traffic, especially in my marketing niche? These readers seem to be interested in one thing and that is what these actors are doing or what the low down on these celebrities. I can doubt a high percentage most of these readers who search for Tila Tequila, will not navigate within my blog but maybe away, yet they tend to stay long on my blog, specifically reading the post. Hmmm....

So does mentioning celebrities within your post really help your site?

You do get the traffic but do you get the conversion? Conversion can be buyers, subscribers, continuous readers, etc. Or are they just there for that one time because you came up a couple times for specific keywords for your post? Personally, I think mentioning a celebrity in your post is good for traffic but not good for conversion. I concentrate more on trying to convert my traffic instead of just getting traffic.

Traffic is important yes but it is more important if you have that reader convert. Conversion is the survival of a website of blog not traffic. Yes, you need traffic to get a jump start, but would it be better to have a sporadic flow of traffic or continuous traffic?

Continuous traffic would be better, if you have converted your current readers into subscribers or continuous readers. This provides you with perfect harmony with your blog, it is more like having a small network of friends. Your continuous traffic may end up becoming buyers of several products on your site either from affiliate marketing or your own product.

Sporadic traffic just comes and goes. You may be lucky to have 100 one day and then it decreases to 45 the next couple days. So converting your traffic is important turning them into loyal readers, it will just be more beneficial to you in the future.

Here is a video about the post, need to start doing more video:


Ian Fernando
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