Tila Tequila has a Shot at Offline Marketing

By Ian Fernando

There is a popular MTV show called "A Shot at Love" with Tila Tequila. This caught my attention last night since she is beautiful and I saw so many other beautiful girls on screen, I decided to watch. At the end I was like wow she really knows what she wants - it is not about who she likes it is about who she can trust and not break her heart in the future.

Her strategy was very smart, eliminating people who do not play a good role within this reality show. I am mentioning this because what she is doing is very strategic and I can relate it to offline marketing. She keeps people to help her, a little network for Tila. Why is she doing this and how does this help with marketing?

So far from watching the show, she wants to find a true lover. How she find that she needs helpers and a network of helpers to help her determine that. I can relate this to marketing because to find your target audience you need a team or a network to help you along the way.

From what I was watching last night - very interesting as well, she got rid of contestants that she did not like or was serving no purpose on the show, she basically wants drama.

I was kind of surprise that she let some of the better looking and better contestants stay on her show, again I think she is using them for a specific reason. With a marketing team, you need to to chose good people that are on the same level as you are but will serve a purpose. Marketing is very hard getting the attention of a person depends on that person. With a team, you can have better ideas and find out what is going on in the offline/online marketing world.

Let me breakdown some contestants that I think she is using for her 'marketing' campaign to find the right lover.

Domenico: He is straight from Italy - literally. He has a very deep accent and Tila likes him...? Well I think she needs him to help weed out the backstabbers and cheaters. I think Tila needs him to be the 'mole' in the cast to give her all the info on what is happening behind her back. This guy is helping Tila help him by just stating the obvious on what she can not see. I mean she is in no contact with her own friends to talk about issues and situations, so to better help with elimination she needs secondary opinions from a snitch. Now you are labeled as a snitch, that really hurts, I wonder if Tila really likes 'Little Italy.'

Marketing Side: In marketing you need to know what is new and what is old. Writing about past old news is really pointless, since most of the society or your readers probably have read it elsewhere. Keeping up to date with every type of information in your niche is definitely time consuming and tiring, you need resources that can give you a short version of what is happening and taking that idea or short story to help better assists you in your situation.

Steven: Swears, he pimpin. Steve was kept on the show - even though he 'cheated' on Tila on the show. He got with a lesbian on the show, when the show is meant to capture the love of Tila. Any girl would not let him stay, yet she wants him to stay, surprising but for what purpose. I think she need him to filter out fake lesbians and are the girls really after Tila or just 'want to have fun.' Steve is helping Tila but really not himself, Tila will soon get rid of him. Again, Tila is using him (I think) as a filter, filtering out the lesbian cheaters that will flirt for anything and behind her back.

Marketing Side: Weeding out useless ideas or pointless ideas need be done by an closed minded person or non optimistic user. All ideas are not great ideas or might have been done but no one probably knows. A weeder that serves the purpose of just tell you its a good or bad idea, that is why marketers and entrepreneurs have advisors. I think Steve plays the role of an adviser, seeing if the girls are really who they are, by him flirting with these other girls can help Tila filter out the fakes.

Brandi: She was kept on the show even though she made out with another female on the show. Again why? I think Tila needs her as a competitor among the rest. Brandi is very energized and makes the party fun, she seems to challenge other girls' loyalty by making out with them? Not too sure. But she and Steve are filters. Who is loyal to whom, why are you on the show, are you here really for Tila or the publicity? I think Tila needs Brandi to be a competitor among the rest of the females, as all the other loyal females - were kicked off. She needs Brandi to cause dramas among girls and guys.

Marketing Side: Just like Steve, I think Tila needs Brandi to help determine who is really here for her. Will you step off on the competition and show your true self for Tila? This is a really big role in marketing determining your competition. Who are your competitors, what are they doing, what will they be doing, what aspect of trickery will they do to just try to get your attention. Marketing is always about who your top competitors are. For example my competitors would be top bloggers in the blogosphere.

Rebecca: Was let go, she is straight competition for Tila. She was caught flirting with guys and making out with other girls. Rebecca was a soother for Tila and one of Tila's favorite. The main reason for letting her go was because of disrespect. Being there for Tila and then going out after other girls and flirting with guys was a definite no no for her. Tila was scared the show would not revolve around her and instead around Rebecca. Since this is a reality show she did what she had to do to eliminate the competitor. The attention was not on Tila anymore, it was surrounding Rebecca and what she has done. Tila simply got rid of the competition.

Marketing Side: Eliminating the competitor is always key, it gives better access to the other competitors out there. Rebecca was a threat to Tila and so Tila did what she can because she can, eliminated her. It was maybe because of jealousy but that is life. With marketing, finding your competitor and their weak points gives easy reasoning to eliminate and destroy them. Competition is everywhere especially in multiple niches. Marketing is there to catch the attention of a user, in this case Rebecca was getting the attention and Tila none. Tila vs Rebecca - that would be a real reality show.

Marketer Tila Tequila has a good opportunity to be an offline marketer. She can find good moles to help her with her marketing aspects. She easily can create a filter to find what markets are good by simply having others do it for her. She even can eliminate the competition just like that because she knows it is all about her.

I do not even think she really likes the people that she has kept on the show; she just needs them in her little network to help her out weed out the useless people. The Tila alliance. She can feel confident that Domenico can run to her if a situation arises that is not right. Steve and Brandi can help cause the situation and help filter out the fakes. It is all a plan for Tila, she got rid of great people and good people too. I mean thae show would be boring if there was no drama right?

Do I think she has what it takes to be an entrepreneur? I do not know I mean she became a Myspace Celebrity and that is how she became so popular. But I think Tila Tequila can have a small good chance at making somewhat good decisions about marketing and how to attack them in a marketing way.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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