Too Bad I Can't 'CTRL+C' Myself

By Ian Fernando

This weekend was a good one. I was at the beach and got a little darker. I do not go to the beach too much not really a 'lay down on the sand for 4 hours' type of guy. I kinda of feel I am wasting time just laying on my towel. But peer pressure among females suck and I ended up going for about 4 hours and left with another group of people I met at the beach. While I was at the beach I had projects that had to get done.

One of them was integrating a theme I found into WordPress. I actually like this theme and found it hard to start coding it for WordPress, I didn't mind doing it but I feel like I am wasting time doing it. I went a head and found a freelancer a couple days prior to to this past Saturday to go ahead and implement the theme with WordPress. I made sure I checked out his previous work and portfolio etc.

It only took this person 2 days to go ahead and implement all the features of WordPress into the new layout I found. BUT there was a problem, messy coding and poor use of WordPress coding and integration. I kindly got a partial refund because the freelancer did what he had to do, but I ended up cleaning a lot of his work.

I sometimes think to myself that damn I wish I can just hit 'CTRL+C' some where on the keyboard and clone myself. I would get things done the way I want them and perfectly. The problem with paying someone to do your work is you have no control of what they are doing - they are doing the job on their own pace and executing the task they see fit. Where as someone like me I like things done my way and if it isn't then I feel like it does not look or will ever be successful.

But that is my train of thought which I change my perception easily. But this freelancer did always kept in contact with me and made sure everything was correct, layout wize, etc. Too bad I didn't see the raw file because I would have told him to clean it all up and use proper WP coding. Since I already paid and now I have just went ahead and cleaned up the code, I tend to look at it and be like hmmmmm I don't know if I really like it anymore. With me being an old web designer, I always change themes and layouts - I get bored. You can tell because has been changed over and over and over again.

With all that said I wish I can copy myself, I would be dedicating my time more efficiently to what needs to be done. I sometimes think that if I did everything myself I would be far off and better. I have so many ideas yet I can not execute them all. They are all written on my white board ready for me to take over and execute my idea, it is too bad I have like 5 other projects or ideas I am working on.

A copy of me would be doing so much things such as:

  • Reading (reading is a great source of information)
  • Coding and Design (I have so many websites that are just laying around)
  • Marketing (I need to fully market a lot of my old sites and products)
  • Start on Project 1-Indefinite (so many ideas so little time)

Those are just the basics, if I add in gym work, food shopping, house work etc then there would be a lot more of me. I just like things done my way or close to my way - because they famous saying goes "if you want it done right, do it yourself!"

Don't you wish you can just Copy yourself 'so many' times over!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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