Top 30 Entrepreneurs: My Input on Each

By Ian Fernando

Well I will not be doing the top 30 but the top 5, and also I have taken a break on the Blog StartUp and will post an important aspect to blogging no one really uses but is very useful on Monday. But with the Top 30 Entrepreneurs under 30, I am a little angered but also happy for these people - I mean entrepreneurs.

These groups of people work hard and had an idea to solve a problem, which are the bases to being wealthy. Find a problem and solve it. I will discuss the top 5 within my post and describe the problem, how they resolve it and my over input on each entrepreneur.

Most successful people have always set goals. They started at a very early age. They might have set the goal to be the best in a certain sport, or in a specific subject in school. Or if they wanted something, and knew that their parents couldn’t afford it, or wouldn’t spend the money for something, they earned the money themselves. They did this by setting up the lemonade stand, mowing lawns for neighbors, or delivering newspapers.

This is the same person, who as they got older, developed other goals and worked for them. Maybe they haven’t reached all of their goals, but they have always known what they wanted out of life. They have a vision for their future and they never lose sight of it. They keep revising and setting new goals for themselves. It is incomprehensible to them that everyone doesn’t do the same. They wonder how other people can live without striving for certain things. This is the perfect way of thinking!

Source: Sue and Chuck


Ben Kaufman

Problem: The Need for iPod accessories
Solution: Created splitters, cases, inputs for iPods
My Input: The need for entertainment is very popular these days, once the popularity of the Ipod boomed, Ben took this and quickly started to create accessories for the Ipod! According to Top 30 Entrepreneurs under 30, Ben allows the user to create them! Great approach to uniqueness and allowing the end user to create and customize their own accessories. Ipods are everywhere and are now almost pre-installed into popular car models and even wired into homes! Ben saw the future of this advancement.

Sean Belnick

Problem: Non-Online Market for Furniture
Solution: Save the customer a trip and create and online market for furniture
My Input: I have read about Sean for a while and was very impressed with his style. I wouldn't believe selling furniture would be a good market to work in, apparently Sean did. Creating an ecommerce for furniture made it easy for customers to find what they want and ordering it right away. His company allows users to purchase furniture and have it delivered to them, even the Pentago, Google, and Microsoft order from this young entrepreneur. I was amaze at this idea when I first read about him on and on Yahoo at the age of 14!

Bo Menkiti

Problem: Boarded up/Abandoned Houses in the Washington Area
Solution: Fix and provide homes to first time home buyers
My Input: This is what I want to do Flip Houses! I started my real estate journey a while ago reading all about it and I think I am ready just need the funding and a trust worthy agent. But buying broken down houses and fixing them up to generate a great cash flow is a great investment. Looking around his own neighborhood he not only became wealthy but helped families and his communities!

Sam Altman

Problem: Trying to find where his friends were located via Cell Phones
Solution: Map their friends and communicate better
My Input: This is very great way to communicate and find out where your friends are. Loopt is a social networking base on cellphones! Forget the internet and its social network its all about YOUR friends and "Where They At". This social mapping service for cell phones, is a great attribute and Sam found the problem of always wanting to know where his friends are.

Katie Kerrigan

Problem: The lack of finding designer shoes for tall women
Solution: Create shoes classified for tall women
My Input: A great idea! It is hard to find shoes for people with 'big feet'. When I did ebay and I sold shoes on there, a lot was asking for size 13+. I wouldn't be able to sell to those consumer because of the lack of supplies I have for shoes over 12. It was even hard to find shoes that were sizes 11+. This problem mad Katie rich and we (men) know how women feel about designer shoes.

Overall Input

Each entrepreneur found a problem, they saw a small error in life, or they wanted to help increase productivity. Each one provided a great solution to their problem making them where they are today. By thinking very different they created a vision to their problems! John Wesley says it even better:

Vision is not ideas and strategies, though it is closely related to both. Ideas come and go. Some work. Some don’t. A single great idea can launch a business, but it won’t sustain its dominance. The same is true for strategies. Even great business plans need constant adjustment. If you keep doing the same thing for too long, you become irrelevant.

Thinking and diversifying your vision can help you succeed pursue that and you can definitely reach goals and dreams. For these entrepreneurs a small factor/adjustment in their life proves to be worth bigger than ever. They all found a tiny error on how things were being done and found a more lucrative way to tackle this problem!

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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