Top 7 Youtubers to Watch When Starting Out as an eBay and Amazon Seller

By Ian Fernando

Ever since I started back on eBay and Amazon, I have just been consuming information during my first week. I also document my journey through IG Story and Facebook Stories and you have been asking me how to start.

The craziest part is I'm just as noobish as you are, I literally started 3 weeks ago. The BIG difference is I actually do what I consume. So I tell them to Google and Youtube the information. Consume and fail is what I tell them.

The problem is that they do not like hearing fail first. But I try to explain to them if you do not learn how to do to get the experiences how will you be successful? Do you not practice a sport to be better? Do you not walk to run? Do you not train to change habits?

Failing bothers people but from the Youtubers, I have a watch they all started with something very small and learn along the way. Even learning from other YouTubers.

I want to give you a list of who to watch on Youtube since this is a big request from people via IG and Fb. This is a mix of eBay and Amazon (RA/OA/PL/Whole) sellers. They all provide great information and no means are ranked in any order.

Ralli Roots

Ralli Roots is a thrifter that sells on eBay and more bulk items on Amazon. Most of the videos are eBay related and best part is he records himself hunting for things to flip. I enjoy most about his videos is he is very open to how he runs his eBay business.

Ralli Roots Channel?

The Bearded Picker

The Bearded Picker is one I started watching when I first Youtube'd eBay arbitrage. His video came up about making $2500 in 24 hours by finding a board game and flipping it for top dollars - it went viral that he became restricted the second shipment he tried to ship to Amazon I believe.

The Bearded Picker

Nomad Millionaire

Nomad Millionaire talks more about Amazon FBA and white labeling a product. More about Amazon SEO, rankings, pure Amazon Strategies. He has a lot of really good solid information on Amazon and how to take your Amazon business to the next level. A traveler just like me!

Nomad Millionaire

Rise N Grind Picker

Rise N Grind Picker basically, wakes up early morning and heads to stores to find products to flips. I feel he is at my stores taking the products before I get to them. He posts his adventures in the stores and you see the products he flips. He admits his eBay business is slowing down because Amazon does the shipping. While he searches, Amazon ships; instead of doing both.

Rise N Grind Picker

Raiken Profits

Raiken Profits is another channel that is both Amazon and eBay. I found his channel learning about book flipping and growing how to easily start on Amazon by selling books on Amazon. Great way to learn the ins and outs about Amazon FBA and I agree. I shipped my first shipment of books 1 week ago.

Raiken Profit

Side Hustle Pros

Side Hustle Pro is a channel which is a mix of everything online from Amazon, eBay, affiliate marketing (weird I haven't heard of him), content creation, everything online I think. Most of his videos are Amazon/eBay related though. I found him when he was shopping Ross for sneakers to flip.

Side Hustle Pro

Hustler Hacks

When I posted about Glen Zubia that started out with a POD store, he then evolved into an eBay reseller. His Youtube channel Hustler Hacks has a lot more on eBay and him shopping around Ross finding sneakers to flip online. He actually posts his finds and how much they sold for on eBay.

Hustler Hacks

There are other YouTubers I watch as well from Rockstar Flippers, Reezy Resells, Book Flipper Community, Seth Kniep, Craiglist Hunter, Sneaker Chefs, etc

I enjoy learning from these guys because they are not pushing anything hard like guru courses they are who they are but provide conversational knowledge. This is why I think these are the top 7 eBay/Amazon YouTubers to watch if you want to learn about eBay and Amazon FBA.

Theses YouTubers use both venues Amazon and eBay to generate income. There are other venues others talk about like Etsy, Mercari, Poshmark, Decluttr, OfferUp, etc - Most of the volume are on these 2 platforms: Amazon and eBay.

There are other Amazon/eBay Youtubers out there but joining their Facebook groups - found out that they are not in the game anymore. Industry changes, I find it very similar to my affiliate marketing industry - business changes, you just have to adopt.

.... rambling ....

So much information on the internet that sometimes you do not need to join a program. I invested time to learn but you can definitely just get a lesson on Udemy and learn instantly.

The crazy part is most of these guys have mastermind programs, but they even admit that there is so much information that they do not push their product as much as it is a separate business which will take them away from their eBay/Amazon selling ventures.

Make sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel as well. Even though I talk about affiliate marketing and online strategies, I might start documenting my eBay/Amazon journey just as I did with affiliate marketing.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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