Top iPhone Apps for Productivity

By Ian Fernando

Having an all in one phone is crazy, I personally have the iPhone 3G and I love this little machine. If my internet is down I can surf on my iPhone. If I am at the airport I can tether my iPhone to my iBook. Being busy can make life a little stressful and unproductive. But with an iPhone life can run smoothly with just a few free applications. I personally use these applications to help me with my day to day agenda. Below I will talk about some features and why I think these apps are the best apps to be productive with your entrepreneurship or just day to day business.

  1. Evernote/YouNote
    Take notes but take faster notes with voice. These 2 apps are pretty powerful in its own and I use both just because voice quality is better than the other and one of them has a much cleaner interface.
  2. CoolIris
    Find news and media fast with just scrolling through top feeds of news and topics. CoolIris has a great Firefox plugin to display images and search for news from around the internet.
  3. PayPal
    Check you paypal balance and see how much money you made today. Quickly send money to someone on the spot with this fast little application.
  4. Easy Task
    Keep track of what you have to do. This is one of the faster and most easiest to use app for doing tasks. There are multiple ones out there, but I personally like this one because of it's simplicity.
  5. Loopt
    At a convention? Want to know where your new friends are, meet up with them by temporarily 'stalking' them. This is a social app which lets you know where are friends are currently. Great when meeting new people are shows.
  6. 1Password
    Save your login information when it comes to websites that do not have apps. It saves the user name and password within your iphone (master password required) and auto fills in the form for you to submit and log into your account information.
  7. Twitterrific/Twinkle
    Both links to twitter and provides a nice view of the conversation feed of whom you are following. Twinkle is more social because it locates users for you that are in yur surrounding area. Very powerful when trying to network and see what others are saying around you.
  8. Brian Tuner
    Relax your brain and get smarter. This simple math equation game helps tune up your brain by testing it on a daily basis (if you play it everyday). Beat your old accuracy score and incrase brain response.
  9. LinkedIn
    See what your friends on linked are up. Let's you know who is connected with who and who are friends with who. Also look up information about that person and see what their status is. Not as versatile as logging into the website, but provides fast information when needed.
  10. Facebook
    Similarto LinkedIn app - you can view friends, status, photos, the news feed, your wall, etc. Again, it lacks some features such as events which you will need to login to the facebook homepage.

I personally find these apps to be powerful and I use these apps on a daily basis. I did not link to them because I didn't feel like finding the phobas links - but just search it on yur iphone app store or browse the app store via iTunes and you can read more information about them.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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