TrackBack Traffic Trial Part 1

June 1st, I am running 3 months and strong with my blog. Traffic increase and popularity among others and within the general internet.

As I have mentioned I have reviewed Yaro Starak Blogging Profits Mastermind, and I have decided to do a test with some strategies to its reality. One of them is trackback traffic.

TrackBack Marketing is posting about another post from another blog. It is going into more detail about a specific post with maybe more debate or discussion on another blog. It is almost a review of another post. The blog would have to be running wordpress ofcourse. What happens is when you post to that specific article, a comment is left on that page automatically, giving you access to their traffic.

My goal is to trackback 1 article a day to blogs that are PR 2 and higher. Since my Blog is a PR 2 I would like to keep the same ratio with other blogs. I will be doing this for the next 5 days, so next Friday I will see if my traffic has increase my RSS readers, my list, traffic, etc.

My only issue is I would want to be in the top 5 comments section, if anything below that I do not think that anyone would view all the comments from others. Since trackbacks are listed like comments on other wordpress blogs.

I would like to see if trackbacking is really another great way of getting targeted traffic.

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