TrackBack Traffic Trial Part 2

By Ian Fernando

Back to my case study and a follow up for everyone to read about. Its been 5 days since I started the trackback traffic strategy by Yaro Starak. I have posted trackback to several high traffic sites such as DoshDosh, Steve Pavlina, Pick the Brain, SEOish, CopyBlogger, etc. To my surprise there is a pretty good amount of traffic that I am getting from them.

The past several post I have created between June 1st and Now, there has been at least 2 trackback links to the specific article they posted on the writers' blog. I assured my links and article was posted on their page by simply visiting the article and pinging the trackback url within wordpress.

Most of them took the trackback right away while others took sometime for it to be linked.

The way I have been doing trackback is just simply taking the URL of the post and linking the article in my post. As well as pinging the url within wordpress. I comment any issues that seems interesting with the post. I also mention the site I grab as well within my post.

The reason I do this is because it seemed to me that it chooses a couple words prior to the link and a couple after. So the actual link would be in the middle of the quoted text. Now once I realized that I tried to make a controversy before the link and after, so it can urge the readers to see the issues on my end and how I thought of the writers post. I think creating a sense of issue on another person's blog can lead to more traffic to my blog, because the sense of curiosity tends to draw a reader to know more.

I also stuck to my specific niche, I mean you do not want to just comment other blogs and have no relevance to it correct? There needs to be some type of similarity to the blog and as to why you want to write about it or read about it. Besides, trackbacking to other irrelevant blogs can be considered spam.

Now, I was reading from other blogs on trackback marketing how to properly track back. One blog, OptInNiche, I was reading states:

When you want to trackback, you will need to use a special link provided on the blog you want to reference.

I was confused because I did not use the special links, I just copied the URL of the actual article and trackback. I do not know if its wordpress specific or not, but my post appeared in their comment section.

I also stuck to just wordpress blogs, I have not tried other blogs such as typepad, as I do not know what other blogs support trackback. If other blogs have special trackback links, I will end up using those trackback links then. But for now I will stick to wordpress blogs as it seems the traditional URL is properly working.

Well lets take a look at my top referrers.

These are the top 25 referrers that I have been getting my traffic from, about 77% of my traffic are coming from referring sites. This screen shot is taken for the days of June 1st to June 5. As I mentioned yesterday, StumbleUpon was the top refer site where I received the most traffic. So it threw off my stats a little bit.

So 7 of the trackbacks out of I think 12 I posted within my post I received traffic from. Which is not bad.

To my theory it looks like that traffic that are controversial creates a good sense of curiosity to the reader that they would like to read more even from other blogs. Well I will be creating one more post about my studies on trackbacking and I will continue to trackback links as they seem to generate traffic.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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