TrackBack Traffic Trial Part 3, Comments?

By Ian Fernando

Still taking in Yaro's advice on trackback marketing and reading other blogs about trackback linking, I found a great blog about how to trackback within your own blog. When I first read about trackbacking within your own blog, I raised the question what is the point of doing this? The reason why I said this is because I was confused as to where the traffic would come from. Then I realize that I actually did this by mistake and it would show up in my comments section. When this happened I would just remove the comment since it served no purpose as a trackback or a comment.

Well I recently Google blog searched "trackback marketing" and I found Ryan Healy Blog and he says:

Instead of always sending Trackbacks to other blogs, consider...

Sending a Trackback to Your OWN Blog!

It does make sense. The reason for this is because you are writing about a similar post about a specific topic. Since they relate and if the readers would like to know more about the information they are likely to click on the link to read more.

This is the essence of trackback marketing because readers want to know more and read about related topics within the post.

I also would assume this a great way to grab the search engines attention and scour your pages more frequently.

Also, sending trackbacks to yourself can simplify and help you start learning on the basics of trackback marketing. Now the only reason why I have not done this or sometimes do is because I have a plugin that will show related posts to this specific article. So to me the trackback within a post seems pointless, but that can be my mistake.

Ryan Healy also trackbacked with an earlier post about trackback, 3 Reason to TrackBak. His three reasons are great and are also talked about by Yaro.

Reason #1: It tells the author of the original article that you're continuing or expanding the discussion on your blog.

Reason #2: When you Trackback, a link to YOUR blog appears on the original author's blog, if they accept your Trackback. Not only are you sending traffic to the original author, they're sending traffic back to you! (Notice how many people Trackback to Seth Godin's blog? One reason people do it is for the traffic.)

Reason #3: You make friends. I've found that to be a successful blogger, you must become friends with other successful bloggers. One way to quickly "make friends" is to send Trackbacks.

TrackBacking is not just trying to get traffic it is about building relationship. You find another blogers post interesting and you would like to share it with others. In turn you may be able to network with that blogger.

But is trackbacking all the hype it is? I am abruptly bringing this up because I notice I get more traffic from my comments than trackback links. I do not know why, but to me I think the comments section is more as a discussion, similar to forums.

Readers interact with one another, comment each others comments, etc. When a trackback is added in the comments section is seems as it breaks the conversation, and your trackback comment gets ignored.

Why does it get ignored, in my opinion it is breaking a controversy or conversation within the comments section. Because the trackback takes a snippet surrounding the trackback link and it isn't related to the conversation that might e held within the comments section.

This can cause other comments below to be ignored or just bypassed. I tend to do this because when I read what others have to say about the topic the blogger wrote about and I see a break in the conversation I just tend to scroll over the trackback or ignore the rest below it.

Again, from reading Yaro's Blog Profit BluePrint, he recommends commenting on other blogs as a consistent daily task. I have been doing this and I do notice I get some traffic from them more than my trackback marketing.

I will be looking more into trackbacks and comments on other blogs. I want to see which is more successful. But I will not stop sharing other blogs that I find interesting. I will still be doing trackback as it helps and creates the relationships with other bloggers a like.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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