Traveling in Asia for a Year, Getting Life Lessons

By Ian Fernando

I just landed in the Philippines. I have recently decided to travel Asia for a year. Every time I travel I gain new perspective and views from other people as in their culture. This allows me to mend those ideas into my own, giving me insight on life. I have enjoyed thoughts from others from all my travels.

When I traveled to Thailand, Buddhists put great life theories in my head and I live my life to a lot of it. Currently I am in the Philippines and I want to start here because I want to get in touch with my outsource team. Plus I also haven't seen my cousins and other family members here in a year.

I will be starting here and then going all over Asia from Vietnam to Singapore to Thailand and Japan. My goal is to do 12 countries in 12 months. If I do more then that will be whats up.

One of my goals is to also setup some new businesses out here as well. If I can create online projects in the US then I can do it overseas.

Why Travel?

Traveling provides me with amazing insights. It also allows me to live very minimal, literally just a carryon. I do this on purpose because when living in the US, there is competition on what you were.

It is all about perspective to other people and levels. Where as in a different country when a majority is poor, there is no need to compete because everyone is poor. I like to hear the simplicity a lot of people have and they all enjoy life from just having each other around and having very little.

I want to get back to appreciating.

I have tons of shoes, cars, clothes and sometimes having all these doesn't seem to be satisfying. I only brought what I think is what I need. If I need to get something I will just purchase it and go fro there. I do not need everything and I want to blend in with everyone. I want to be a local. I do not need to be flashy or compete with everyone.

Having an Online Business while Traveling

This is pretty much easy. The only challenge I see myself having is doing phone calls. So I have to make sure I am up at night for at least a good solid 4 hours to make sure I get at emails and calls properly. The benefit of having an online company or receiving money from the internet is that I can do this anywhere.

I can sit on the beach. I can do this in any country. The only important thing I need is to have an internet connection. This will allow me to communicate via email and phone calls via wifi. Documents can be signed digitally and managing employees are all remote. I do not need an office unless I need to.

Which I am doing here in the Philippines. I want to get my outsource team in an office for a good 2 weeks. They have been remote while I am in the states. This way I can see their work load and see their speed, I want them to make sure that they are currently using my time wisely while being remote.

I will talk more about my ventures while I am here in Asia, but for now it is work mode with my outsource team. Meet me in ASIA!


Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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