Being a Traveling Minimalists Gives Me True Freedom

By Ian Fernando

So I have been traveling for about 2 years in South East Asia. Currently living in the Philippines and this lifestyle is very free. I want to take this blog post and talk about how traveling and being a minimalist has helped me move so freely.

The video below basically talks about minimalism. I also watched a documentary about how minimalism helps your life. It really is a good documentary. So I want to let you know what I learned in the almost 2 years I have traveled outside the US.

Now, I have been traveling for a while but I eventually go back to the states and live there. Now, the world is my home and I live that AirBNB life. In the past I wrote about being productive while on my travel as well as controlling your time.

This post will be about simplicity. So I am going to start off by saying that traveling is definitely needed in an entrepreneurs life. I think it gives a lot of perspective on yourself and how you view the world and people. It just gives you a whole new perspective on things.

Anyways, Im ranting, traveling light is key to be able to move freely. The reason why I started traveling light is because one time while traveling to Germany, my check in luggage was lost. I was wearing the same clothes for almost 3 days until it was delivered to my hotel.

From that point, I decided to always traveling light. I travel now with a carry on, a hip pack, and a backpack.

... I said a year... but it seems as I rather just keep wandering.

These are the only 3 things I carry with me. I realize that I only need just about a weeks worth of clothes and of course the bathroom essentials. Most of the items I can always buy while traveling.

Though there are specific underwear and socks I only wear because of comfort, but most of the clothing I can buy overseas. Example simple single color shirts, shorts, jackets. Ofcourse yes, I will bring the basic shirts on my first trip but if any gets worn out I can always go shopping and it is always cheaper overseas.

I also only bring 3 types for footwear. I have a nice shoe for a nice night out, a sneaker that can handle constant walking and utilize to the gym, and a flipflop. That is it.

Also I have only bring 3 style jeans with me, 4 buttons ups, about 5 single color t-shirts, and sports jacket. I also do have 1 hoody, it does get cold on an airplane.

My electronics are just my MacBooks (Pro and Air), my iPad, iPhone, traveling battery pack, a all the rechargeable cords I need. Very basic and it all fits in my carry on. I do not try to over do it because, unlike NY no one cares what you wear when you are traveling.

I realized this a couple years back, if you are in a under developed country, no one cares what you look or judges you. They don't know the brans you are wearing because they never had the opportunity to feel that brand or even see it on TV.

The states has brain washed our heads to think that the clothes on your back is your book cover and you are judged right away, yes it is true. You are judge right away by how you look. Perception.

As I travel simplicity made my travel even more free, I have no worries. I do AirBNB because its easy to just bounce around, I have no bills under my name. I do not have to register anything while I am staying or living in a country. This lifestyle of freedom has given me no worries.

I have met so many entrepreneurs while traveling and I met one person that lives on just a backpack! I am not that kind of a minimalist, I do like nice things. Living off a backpack is def a serious lifestyle that even I can't wrap my head around. It really interesting to see how others travel because, having too much make you think too much. The Zuckerberg himself hates thinking everyday on what to wear.


Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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