Trying to Control the Urge of Using Social Media on Every Device I Own

By Ian Fernando

Dear Facebook,

It has been about a month since I have recently decided to remove my the most time consuming app on my iPhone. Facebook App, sorry but good bye. I had to do it, I would always hit up my phone to see the latest news and gossip.

The most annoying part is I would always be reminded to turn on the notifications on. I turned it off for a reason Facebook. I needed to get away from you and make sure that my time was being utilize some where productive. It is crazy that these tiny apps are pretty much in control of you.

I have always known that social media is slowly killing us. Our well being to just wanting to meet people in the real world! Chamath Palihapitiya talks about this heavily and how it is hurting our well being in trying to connect with the actual world. I agree, social media is destroying us.

Here is what I posted on my Facebook about trying to better adjust myself...

Luckily, I was able to transition fairly well. It does take 2 weeks or so to form a new habit and I will admit, I was going on the browser to check what my friends were doing. Currently, I am perfectly fine from Facebook on my iPhone. I think I have adjusted fairly well. I only keep messenger on my phone because of business conversations.

Already I have been keeping a total of 1 hour use of social media on my Mac. I have a timer that tracks the websites I am on and I specifically target Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Youtube, etc to all just one hour. My reason is because time flies when you are gossiping and just watching cats on Youtube.

The other side of this is business, Gary Vee speaks highly of social media and wasting your time on it. Putting so much content that you want to get the attention of the user and make them switch their eyes and mind to what you have to saw or post.

I agree, attention is important in this game of social media, the VR world is coming close and attention is very important but at what cost that the world become dull of what is actually happening.

Since I travel, I see how America is becoming weak. There are 30 year old men living with their parents and men not being men. Over protective parents that wont allow a grass stain on their kids knees.

Plus, the over sensitive nature of everyone else, it is sad where the state of the usr is going. Having access to such media comes at a consequence, we do not like each other because everyones opinions wants to be be heard ad always be right. Opinions...

Simon describes millennial pretty well..

So Facebook, I am sorry, but I have to remove you off my iPhone and just limit you access to my mind. Your medium creates such garbage for me that I am even scared to post about why the sky is blue. Apparently science does not exist in our world anymore.

Ian Fernando
Involved in the internet space since 2002 and have been through the ups and downs of this online industry. I am a traveling digital nomad, media buyer, online strategist, and many more online titles.

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